bokeh for dinner

Here’s a shot after Thuy, Denisse, and I finished up shooting on location in Huntingon Beach. I just love the bokeh bubbles…

Bokeh is like a drug. Once you take your first hit (in my case, it was with the Nikkor 50mm F1.8), it becomes a downward spiral of wanting bigger apertures, more blurring, and more bubbles. It’s a terrible, vicious, and well, expensive cycle!

Alex Zhao -

Nice tones, but the shot looks a little OOF! Looks like the focus point is her hat! :)


Nice shot. I thought you were a canon shooter.
Yah big aperture is an addiction, and the Nikkor 50mm f1.8 is a great lens for the price. It’s something that pretty much on my camera all the time.

Linhbergh -

KLBO, I was talking about how my love for bokeh started with the Nikkor 50mm f1.8. And you’re right, I do shoot with Canon. That shot was taken with the Canon 50mm f1.2 aka the bokeh chef! :)

I use my 50mm way more than I do my zoom lens.

Alex Zhao -

Seriously, back off the bokeh and learn the focus. It could save you 15% on camera equipment.

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There’s something about a girl walking down a crowded street completely who is completely dolled up. It gives the girl a confidence boost when the crowds whisper to each other about the model. That confidence really does show up on camera after a walk through the city center…

Here’s a shoot a few weeks ago which was another collaboration with Thuy Ho. I’ve been super busy with Speedhunting that some of my personal work have fallen into the wayside. Catching up time. Thanks again to Thuy Ho for doing a great job at styling and Denisse for putting up with my crazy ass!

Hair & Make-up by Thuy Ho

That last shot was taken by Chris Nguyen.

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rice media personality: will roegge

The good thing about Pikes Peak Hill Climb is that practice starts from sun up till about 8:45-9am, leaving the rest of the day to do whatever you so wished to do. I spent one afternoon hanging out with Joshua Herron and Will Roegge, and of course, my camera was by my side, and at the ready. Here’s a little impromtu portrait session I had with Will as we all hung out in the late afternoon in Colorado.

Will is a man of almost unbridled passion for the art of film making and a soft spot for enjoying every bit of life as much as possible. Will is a man whom I take a lot of inspiration and influence from on my own personal work. You can check out many of Will’s short music videos featuring drifting on his Vimeo page.

warren shim-quee -

I love your stuff, absolutely inspiring to me. The same goes for Will, I always look forward to your guys’ stuff, you both are slowly changing the game!!

Will roegge -

All I can say is…WOW. Linhbergh you have been a source of inspiration since I met you. Thank you. Keep changing the game.

andy. -

THE BEARD. Good shit. The shirt is rad too.

You guys are both an inspiration. For REAL.

hojitsu -

An afternoon with Will Roegge and Joshua Herron!?! Lin you are a lucky man!

What were they like to hang out with?

I’ve got the all star bash 5 & D1GP anaheim vids on constant repeat in my iphone!

Great shots as always! You should invest in some lightweight portable lights. Something like Profoto but cheaper!

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pikes peak adventures: day 1

It’s only been a day for me in Colorado, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the state. Maybe being 10,000 feet above sea level has something to do with it. But it is, without a doubt, breath takingly beautiful. The air is so crisp and clean, the towns are superbly quaint, and feel real –not, at any bit, tourist trap-y. Tomorrow (actually in a few hours), I will be taking my first steps on the hallowed grounds of Pikes Peak. Keep a look out in the next week or so for some snaps from the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Speedhunters, and keep an eye out on my own blog here for some more personal snaps from the trip! Here’s a quick snap from today to show you guys just how beautiful it is in Colorado:

chean -

this is incredible. hdr?

Liem -

That’s crazy, back lit clouds with rim lighting. Underexposing definitely was nice touch.

Chrissy G. -

Beautiful shot.

the Squidd -

Uggggggggh why am I not there.

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the salton sea

There’s an almost ethereal quality to the area surrounding the Salton Sea. It’s a place that is also eerily haunting –almost unexplainable. But despite those feelings, the stench of decay, the searing heat (with which almost made me pass out), I find the sea to be an absolutely, and breathtakingly beautiful place. I wouldn’t recommend this place for anyone with a faint heart but if you’re someone that can put up with the heat, the smell, and the flies, this place is a photographers dream. I hope to one day soon to go back to shoot there some more…

Will -

Ever since I saw a photo of this place when I first got into photography I’ve wanted to go shoot there. Really cool shot. It makes me want to take a boat out there.

Clint Davis -


Delia -

I flew over this when I was going out to san diego and up until yesterday when i remembered to look it up, I had no clue what it was. It is so huge and so random lol I wanna go out there one day and wakeboard on it

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more rolleicord madness

I finally had time to take around the rolleicord for some snaps. Went to the beach with Grady and Peter for a little KINOD photo session. As you can see, I’ve updated the header image to the blog with a photo that Peter shot of me at the beach. Anyways, here are two developed shots out of the TLR camera, more to come soon:

Chris -

Rocking shots man, loving the header particularly

Will -

Very cool. I like the header a lot. Really fits the site’s theme. I really want to start shooting film, but it seems I can hardly find time to shoot digital these days.

Linhbergh -

Thanks guys! I love the header too. Peter Li is the man!

Chris -

Question, what are you using to scan the film? Also, noticed on SH they locked the supra feature, loving the PP on those photos a lot *thumbs up high*

MaToyot -

Is that Minolta Hi-Matic 9 in the header pic? is that yours or Peter Li? nice RF you got there mate… show us the result from it…

Linhbergh -

It is! It’s mine, I found it for super cheap at a used camera store, I love it :)

Elijah -

what kinda post processing was done on these shots? or is that straight from the camera?

Linhbergh -

It comes straight out of the camera. I never do post work on film shots :)

Elijah -

where did u find ur’s and how much did u pay? I’ve been searching for a rolleicord or a mamiya rb67 or something of the like and can’t find anything that is sure to work.

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results from the rolleicord

I have to admit it. I am completely infatuated with any and all sorts of film cameras, and film types. I also have to admit that, lately, I’ve been neglecting my digital camera because of my absolute infatuation with the film medium. Shortly after picking up the 5D MarkII, I picked up a 35mm Canon EOS A2, and that’s when the love started. Shortly after picking up the 35mm, I picked up my first medium format camera, a Holga 120FN. And finally, as I previously posted, I acquired a Rolleicord III. My film infatuation is in full swing now. Here are two recent shots from the Rolleicord. I am absolutely astounded with the level of bokeh at F3.5! The second shot on the right is one of my favorite shots from the past couple of months, both in the film and digital formats. I absolutely love the softness, color and feeling from that shot!

Expect more film escapades coming soon. I’ll be taking the Rollei around more than the 5D.

Elijah -

if u need someone to keep ur 5d company let me know. ha ha Just don’t be surprised if i ship my 5d Mk1 back to u instead. ha ha

Jazz -

The way the Rolleicord captures light is amazing! No need for post-processing…

Derek -

Wow that is amazing dude! Sorry if this is a really noob question, but how did the faded light trails and the softness of the colour occur? Was it expired film or something else?

Zach Meister -

Amazing shots Linhbergh, the colours, everything just look great. I guess that’s the magic of film.

As I said, amazing stuff.

-Zach Meister

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