an outlander & a pack of crazies

The thing about road trips is that there’s always a a sense of romance before the actual trip is underway. That sense of an open road and of endless possibilities; Americana has been deeply ingrained into the minds of many of us Americans. But for some reason, there was none of that typical dreaming or romancing before the trip with rice media personalities Will Roegge and Jesse Lee to the wine country of Sonoma, California for the sixth round of the Formula Drift series. We knew exactly what we’d be getting into: a six hour drive up the state of California, a two star motel in Vallejo, and of course, the photography and video for the drift event at Infineon Raceway. All pretty cut and dry stuff if you think about it. So, as the weekend started to unfold, the three of us realized that this trip would be more than just doing media coverage of an event.

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Delia -

I thought you said 4 of you went..?

Linhbergh -

We had a super last minute cancellation… :(

fatsi -

awesome.. very inspiring..

Amanda -

These pictures look so fun! i love it!

Mich -

Very nice!!!


These are great. Makes me wants to shoot. Amazing.

Linhbergh -

Thanks guys!

Will Roegge -

I’ve looked at this photo set at least 5 times – today. Very nice work. Maybe I could try to be a part time model.

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glamour on the race grid

There’s never a shortage of coverage from the girls and models around the Formula D grid. But they’re always taken with the same disconnected feeling that these girls are just there for pure male eye candy. Many people forget that behind their stunning looks really does lie real living person underneath. These girl’s work just as hard as the guys that throw their cars dangerously into corners, and hoping that it’ll stick.

This is a photo I was able to snap quickly of the Hankook tire model, Ashley Sarto, just as the sun was about to peak under the rolling hills of Sonoma, California. The wind was picking up towards the end of the day, and the temperature was dropping insanely fast. But, that did not stop, the already cold, Ms. Sarto, from losing her glamourous countenance…

Liem Nguyen -

Beautiful shot, loving the warm orange sky.

Delia -

she is so hot.

mister powers -

uhg i seriously love her

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the grapes of Sonoma

You know you’re nuts (or, in this case would it be grapes?) about something when you’re on a weekend away, and you sincerely decide to get up before the sun is up so that you can catch one the best time of days to shoot photos and video. That’s exactly what Jesse Lee, Will Roegge and I decided to do while we were in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma California this weekend. Shots of grapes and grapevines bathed in the warm morning light? Yeah, that was just too hard to pass up…

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Those are some sick photos! Nice Linhbergh!

Jazzy -

Good stuff Linhbergh!

Linhbergh -

Thanks guys! I’m glad you guys enjoyed the photos :)

arjay -

wow, didn’t know this was you! i’d look at this blog every once in a while, little did i know i already met u in person hahah. good work man.

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the salt

Did the our spaceship somehow manage to lose power and come crashing down on some alien planet? Nope, this is a photo from the Bonneville salt flats in Utah. Standing on the flats and just taking in the view is literally, an out-of-this-world experience!

Check Speedhunters throughout the week for coverage of the 2009 Bonneville Speedweek.:)


I love the treatment here. Great photo.

Linhbergh -

Thanks man!

goodduck -

all of those shots on speedhunters are incredible! makes me really want to get out there.

Linhbergh -

Goodduck, you should definitely make it out there sometime –if at least for only one day. It’s an amazing experience. Thanks for the compliments on the shots too :)

jk -

love ur pictures. Hope you can some tutorials to shot incredible photos like urs

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adventures from formula d seattle

When the rice media isn’t shooting photos of the actual event (whichever event we’d be covering), we’re enjoy being just absolutely stupid. Drew Fishbein sent me this photo on facebook which he took from the Formula D Seattle practice and qualifying day of some of our photographic adventures we have when there are no cars on the track.

I was able to borrow a Canon 15mm F2.8 for a bit, and the absolute wideness of the lens just floored me. You can take a picture of the whole world with that lens. If you notice in the last photo below, you will see the Evergreen Speedway’s main grandstand, then a k-rail concrete barrier which is on the track just opposite to the grandstand –epic wideness. I need a 15mm in my life…

Drew took these first two photos of absolute rice stupidity:

He took this shot of, fellow rice media personality, Will Roegge, jumping off the concrete barrier with me getting the shot with that epicly wide 15mm:

Which resulted in this:

Taylor Shull -

great stuff! i have a nikon 10.5mm that never seems to come off the camera.

chrissy -

soooo wide! i love it

klbo -

cool shot.

Elijah -

Yeah I totally love mine. Any time I feel like I’m stuck creatively I throw on the fish and sit back and enjoy and have fun. It’s definitely easy to over use but man is it fun.

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first day of the last month of summer

I woke up this morning like any other day, until I checked my twitter feed and saw long time friend’s, Ngoc(scienvsromance), tweet:

scienvsromance: “First day of the last month of Summer!”

Such a revelation didn’t hit me until I read just that. Who would’ve thought that summer would be coming to a close so soon! As the day started to draw to close, the sun’s last show of daylight leaked into my room and it had the feeling that of a summer. The camera had to be pulled out to capture such a gorgeous warm light, and here is the result:

The Cure – Last Day of Summer

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@deelau -

That’s a beautiful shot mate! Love it :)

Ngoc -

Technically it doesn’t end until September ish…but still! Ha ha :] Awww, beautiful shot!! <3


Ham -

Wow. I didn’t know The Cure was THIS awesome.

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mmm bubbles

Peter Li is the person that inspired me to get a camera and taught me all that I basically know now about photography. He continues to inspire and influence my own personal work with his latest creative explosion from China. This shot was hugely influenced by Peter’s street photography style which is so moody and cool.

I definitely need to do more of this. I love bokeh bubbles!

Rod -

Can he teach me too?

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