peter + gigi

Before the turn of year, I had the great opportunity to shoot my very good friend and mentor, Peter Li and his girl in a very seedy and dark part of Los Angeles. For this particular shoot, I took a lot of inspiration from the Chinese art house director, Wong Kar Wai. I specifically drew a lot of the look and mood from, from his masterful film, “In the Mood for Love.”

I finally had a bit of breathing time to post these shots up!

It’s been a long, long while since I’ve shot couples and looking back at this set gives is giving me that itch again. Oh, and Cortizone, I’m sure, will not help.

emmi -

how many cigarettes did peter smoke in this shoot? lol

Daniek McQueen -

Oh wow! These photos are so nice. i love them, the last one is so nice. jealous of your skills!

Clint Davis -

You’ve reached Super Saiyan lens flare status with that last one!

Chris -

Totally awesome photos man! Did you use any added light in these or was it all natural/in the location lighting? I remember you saying previously you like to use natural light?

MaydayJohnP -

Man, cigarette shots are insane. The Cherry almost looks fake in pic. number 1. Awesome shots Rinhbrgh

kenchi -

straight out of a chinese gangster movie.

Linhbergh -

You’ve got good memory, Chris! I used whatever available light was at the location.

Jazzy -

Definitely the protégé of Wong Kar Wai…

Peter & Gigi, by Linhbergh « jonathan wong -

[…] see more: here […]

Michael Kalbo -

Wow. These photos are amazing. I love the grain and colors tones of all the photos. Great job.

banpei -

Amazing! You did capture that same feeling as Wong Kar Wai did in his film!
I can almost hear Nat Cole’s Te Quiero Dijiste when looking at these picture! :)

Batou -

Damn, Peter sure knows how to wear a suit!

Wandering Chopsticks -

You popped up on my Twitter and I clicked over out of curiosity. Glad I did. These photos are fantastic. Even before I read the text, my first thought was it looks straight out of “In the Mood for Love.” Maybe a little forbidden “Lust, Caution” thrown in for good measure. :)

Clint -

Amazing shots! Absolutely love them :)

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The Art of Formula D: A 2009 Season Retrospective

This Thursday, April 8th, 2010, is the Art of FormulaD: a 2009 Season Retrospective presented by ID Agency and Formula Drift. The show will feature the works of Estevan Oriol, Jose Martinez, Will Roegge, and myself.

If you’d like to attend please RSVP to!

I’ll see you all there and be sure to wear your best ARTPANTS!

Justin W. Coffey -

That’s awesome, Linh! Wish I could make it down… Sounds like we’ll be in LA at the end of June. I’ll keep you posted. Like I’ve said before, you continue to impress with your uncanny ability to capture the magic of motorsport. From the paddock and pitlane to the sideways, tire smoking craziness that is FD. You make people smile. Well done.

brandon scarpelli -

i thought i had something clever to say until i read Justin’s comment! well said man…fully agree with you! I am a die hard motorsports freak and Linhbergh, you have a way of capturing the moments that only a true genius can see! keep it up man!

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seeing your vision through

A few months ago when Kenny Chieu and I started talking about his car being sponsored by KINOD, it seemed like something we’d both like to pursue. The more we talked, the more it seemed like the talks would actually bear fruit. Speculation turned into some rough ideas, ideas transformed into real concepts, and the concepts finally became a reality.

About a year ago, I shot Kenny’s Toyota MR-S for a ColdTrackDays feature. Who would’ve known then that the street tuned car, that also moonlighted weekend track car, would turn into a fully dedicated time attack machine.

Kenny and I met for coffee one day. We sat down and worked over all the details and finalizing the livery design concepts. Kenny is an OCD sort of man himself. As my client and I had to make him happy but I also had to make sure that my design vision would be realized. The KINOD branding had to stay true. After a couple of hours, we both approved a final design concept. Those concepts is what you see above.

The image on the top left is our original rough concept and the one below it is the finalized design ready to be sent out to get the vinyl cut.

In 2009, Kenny ran KINOD stickers but it did not brand KINOD correctly. So for the 2010 season, KINOD has teamed up with Kenny to become his title sponsor! Jesse and I wanted to step up KINOD’s marketing and reach while Kenny wanted to step up his competitiveness for the 2010 Redline Time Attack season. It became a perfect marriage.

We wanted KINOD to be known as a quality brand with quality taste. The livery design on the car is to portray that exact connotation –and I believe it does. The design is simple, clean, yet striking. It will definitely stand out in the RTA street class: a class filled with high dollar builds with high dollar companies backing them up. Then there is us: a small business trying to get their name out while helping a privateer racer whom we believe will be very competitive this season.

Portrait and wedding photography advertisements on a time attack car? Wrong demographic? We think not. So many people fall in love and get married: including race car drivers! We can’t wait to see how Kenny will do at round one of the 2010 Redline Time Attack season in two weeks time. If anything, he and his newly KINOD’d up car will look sexy in the process, yes?

Matt Malcolm -

Stunning. The minimalistic and simplified touches should definately see it standing out.
Best of luck on the partnership and the coming season!


Ham -

The wheels! Yes the wheels!!!

Dan -

Congrats dude the livery looks great, very classy. You guys are killin’ it right now.

Chris -

I like it, it’s clean but I would never have expected this if I had guessed

Kenny Chieu’s 2010 RTA campaign « kenchimsg -

[…] March 16, 2010 I’m proud to announce for the 2010 Redline Time Attack season, I’ll be partnering with KINOD Collective as the title sponsor for my Toyota MR-S. We’ve been in talks for the past several months work dreams into reality, and the reality is quite dreamy. Please follow this link to Linhbergh’s blog. […]

Andy Blackmore -

Only just seen this Linhbergh, thats awesome. Looks much better with the straight colour line on the shoulder, than the other option. Nice work, thats nice, clean, simple and current.

Enoe -

I’m a MRS lover. This one is hella mean. Maybe I can afford one someday.

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the lady in a red dress – the NISMO 370z

Back in October, I obliged to be set up to a blind date (with the help of 0-60 Magazine). I had no expectations but I did have an idea of who I have been set up with. The door bell rang in the early morning the day of our date. I open the door to find a lady in a very sexy red dress. The first things that came into mind was that her looks wasn’t anything to write home to mom about, but she did have a mature yet playful look going about her.

As we proceeded with our day together, we grew to know each other more and more. We spent a crisp and cold day in the mountains and she showed me how she danced –and oh, how she did dance!

They always say that appearances are always skin deep. And as you get to know someone more and more; they either become uglier, or they become stunningly beautiful. That was what transpired that day on crisp and cold in those mountains. This girl showed me that her beauty is not from her looks, but how she danced with true seductive confidence.

I never got that second date.

Casey -

Jesus, you nailed it L

Robert -

Great photos! The first one is just so perfect.

Clint Davis -

I have said never to shoot in a parking lot, you have defied this rule of mine.

Chris Rhoad -


Bryan -

Your work’s amazing, Linh!

Costas Stergiou -

Last picture is epic.

Mattijn -

Killer shots, great work!!

Hoji -

Very nice work Lin! I can’t say that I love the 370 but I most definitely appreciate it’s style through your frames.

hechtspeed -

Beautiful! Your words and photography really show off the new Z. Gorgeous car and great specs too!

@deelau -

Great shoot again dude! Love your style with golden light

Enoe -

I love the pics, but honestly I like the story more than the pics. It’s the best car related thing I’ve read in awhile.

r32taka -

Your pictures are epic in this post. This Z look better than never before!

LaT1NaSo -

First shot is perfect and by far my favourite of the lot. I was wondering whether it was one shot or a blend of a couple of exposures?

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portrait of a product

These days, a lot of my work is purely digital. So when I was given this box from the people at NOS which has two of my photos printed on it, the a great warm feeling wafted over me. This box is one of those “special edition” things which are made in limited quantity. It includes; a comemorative 2009 Formula D Champion box, a Chris Forsberg 2009 FD champion t-shirt, a bottle of NOS energy drink, and a NOS Energy drink 1 gigabite USB drive which includes the film Portrait of a Champion directed by Will Roegge!


You can see the original Speedhunters article which featured my two shots here. And you can also watch the Will Roegge/Speedhunters film, Portrait of a Champion, here.

jmartinez -

Perfect – Congrats Lin.. – going to follow up with John about the project for April!

Ham -


Sonny -

You are living the dream. It must feel great to see your work in the mainstream now. Keep at it because you are definitely doing something right.

Linhbergh -

Thanks guys! :)

Reese -

That is awesome! Good job and Congrats man!

David H. -

Nice! Your photos have always been an inspiration for my own work.

ernie -

hey .. check it out just send you more love lol come back already !!

ernie -

hey .. check it out just send you more love lol come back already !!!!

Albert Jong -

For sell?

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Jeff Abbott

There’s definitely something about drifting that just cannot be ignored. This photo definitely reminds me of why I love the sport. The pure badassery that is exuded from each driver is just on a whole different –even at the amateur level at the Pro Am Nationals a few weekends ago.

I’m going to miss cleaning out tire chunks from my hair and ears during the off season. April seems so far away…

Steven Ponec -

Wow! Just…wow. This picture has me drooling! How did you do it?

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ARTPANTS – a 365 daily photo challenge with will roegge & myself.

Will Roegge and I started a new project which we shoot and post one photo a day for a year. By the time Novemeber 10th, 2010 rolls around our creative default will be expanded! The actual site is still very much a work in progress. We have a lot of ideas which we will be implementing to Artpants in the coming months. So turn on your RSS readers to or!

jmartinez -

got this on my feeds – I started my own everyday photo blog a few months back – its hard to keep up sometimes :

Robert -

I’m surprised the world hasn’t ended due to the sheer awesomeness of this challenge.

Chris -


Kat Miner -

This photo reminds me of Airport Lounge in San Diego…. was it taken there, perhaps?

nickoli -

i admire your photography and posted a blog with a few of your pics if you dont mind.. let me know if you want me to take it down

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jeff + whitney

henry -

thanks man! Yuta told me about the shoot, wish I could have come and chilled. From what I heard though, sounds like everything went the right way. Can’t wait to see the results!

Was nice meeting you at JCCS, KEEP INSPIRING!

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