ferrari 458 italia

laco -


firstly, sorry for asking it here:)
I found some old shots taken by you, that has some scanning scratches, lots of grain, like this one:

Have you shot them on film? What kind of analogue cameras do you have/like/want in the future?

thanks in advance!

Linhbergh -

Hi Laco,

I shot that with a 120mm Rolleicord TLR camera. It was shot on some very expired (1974) film which helps give it that really old look.

I would really like to own some sort of 35mm rangefinder in the future.


laco -

oh I see, I have a copy of the Rolleicord, the Yashica MAT124G:) Nice to know that it is “safe” to use some very old film.
Can I write to your email for a little personal advice?


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inside of the inside of b&h photo

A few days ago, I ordered a new, but used, camera from online digital imaging superstore, B&H Photo, I found a CF card which was left inside the camera. I found these contained in said CF card. It offers a brief glimpse into the clandestine operation that is B&H.

Clint Davis -

I helped pay for that watch!… and that chair… and that computer… lol :D


so thats why they have so many holidays off

Henry Posner -

Just proves we have the best looking employees anywhere. Brad Pitt and George Clooney don’t hold a candle to the B&H Krew!! :-)

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

jmc -

1dsmIII ? I hate you even more now :)

DC Chavez -

What I want to know is how they get their curl so tight!

Ricky Cervantes -

I see these photos and all I can think of is the opening sequence to “Snatch.”

‘vere is da stone?

Amaze Studios -

Wow, that was really cool! Visiting the store when I was in NY was a treat, almost like visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I remember all the conveyor belts/rollers ushering products all over the place.

Henry, how about a documentary on the inside workings of BH photo? It’s nice to see people behind the scenes too. :-)

BTW, is that the same building in this video?

Poncho Alarcón -

Now I know where to have lunch when I go to my B&H pilgrimage =)
Shalom Aleichem.

Saludos desde (Greetings from) Monterrey Mx

Ernie Nitka -

Henry – love it – no nudity just hard working folks. I am a BH fanboy – you guys have only improved from the early days when I wasn’t such a fan. Love you guys.

Ernie Nitka – no connection to BH except an always satisfied customer

ChrisB -

Cool, it’s like a mini documentary :-)

Erick Arauz -

Sweet, Jews!

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the result of two years on the road

In the past two years, I’ve clocked in quite a few travel miles. And in those two years, my equipment has taken a beating as much as my luggage has.

Like a physical scar on your body, these particular scratches and wear was a life saving type. While photographing the ten hour American Le Mans race, Petit Le Mans, at Road Atlanta in Georgia, it started to rain. And by rain, I meant poured. I still had to get my shots and coverage for the event and I braved the weather without any sort of weather cover over the camera. I paid a price for this darn 5D (my Miata) and I planned to get my every ounce of money from it.

While hiking up a steep and rather wet hill along the race track, my foot slipped and I started to slide down the hill. Camera in hand, I held it down to stop myself from sliding any further. The result? These scratches.

That was almost 2 years ago. Since then the edges of the camera have since polished and revealed the magnesium underneath the black paint.

This particular dent, from one year ago, on the corner of my laptop happened in Atlanta, Georgia as well. My equipment sure seems to have a liking towards Atlanta for some reason….

While in the security line at the airport, I was removing the laptop from my bag to be scanned. Hand slipped and laptop dropped.

Because of the drop, the laptop can no longer close properly.

The laptop has since been shoved into countless bags, banged up against all sorts of inanimate objects, and lightly dropped here and there. A few other corners are starting to show this wear.

A few weeks ago, I upgraded the memory on the laptop myself. I removed the back cover the best I could. One screw wouldn’t unscrew because it was located at the really dented end of the laptop. I installed the memory by sliding the back cover over. Memory installed, the cover slid back on. Nine out of the ten screws came off at the start of the project and only seven was able to be screwed back on. The chassis flex from that first initial drop in Atlanta prevented that.

The only thing I think about when I’m out in the field shooting is that I have to get my shots in. The rest is trivial. If I need to place my camera on the ground momentarily, I do. If I need to place it in a puddle of mud, I do because I know it can. If I need to use my camera to save my life, I will.

The end product are my photographs. It’s what I strive for. The tools to obtain those photographs is best thought as extension of myself. I have my heart, my eyes, my arms, my legs, and a camera. The result of how my equipment looks now wasn’t done on purpose, it was a gradual process of well, working. I’ve only recently noticed it as more and more people are pointing out just how worn equipment really is.

The moral of the story? Just shoot photographs, everything else, gear included is trivial.

Art is a process and getting dirty is part of that.

Matthew Mead -

I agree with the moral of your story.

But dude WTF that 5d is battered :P i thought I was hard on gear.

Mark Pakula -

gaff it all up.

andy. -

Love, love, LOVE this post, buddy. Seriously. SO good!

Brennan McKissick -

Awesome writeup sir. Well used

Abby's Dad (and a Nikon person) -

Obviously well used and responsible for numerous outstanding photos! As they say, “no pain, no gain” — which applies to tools of the trade as well.

Robert Kawasaki -

Wow. That thing do look beat up, both of them. I hope they were filming you when you dropped your macbook pro though, must’ve been a butt clenching experience.

Nate -

Character. Pure character.

Clint Davis -

You truly are one of my main inspirations when shooting. I now feel like my camera should look like yours. Keep doing what you do, it’s amazing

Nikon Guy -

Get a NIKON and be happy
Much more resistant to this

the result of two years on the road at linhbergh « Z.Lawson's Blog -

[…] the result of two years on the road at linhbergh. […]

Faisal -

Keep up on the best automotive photos i see

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hre wheels

I’ve been working with the guys from HRE Wheels to help with content for their just launched website redesign and also their new print catalog. Here’s a sample collection of what I’ve been doing with them these past few months. They wanted to go for a more lifestyle based direction than what they’ve been doing previously.

The set of images below with the Gumpert Apollo supercar is the best example of that.

Be sure to check out the website to see more of these photos.

James Evins -

I’m so impressed! Good work!

Costas Stergiou -

Omgahhh, y u so awesome.

Mickey -

You are the best Vietnamese photographer EVAR! ;-)

dafne maris -

wonderful pictures, congratulations =)

adam afif -

this is sick man… you are the best in the bussiness… seriously.. keep it up man

Clint Davis -

OH linhbergh… you done did it again. beautiful beautiful beautiful

Stitched Production -

Stunning!!!! Keep it up

Dat -

Best Vietnamese period.

Jose Rosado -

Amazing stuff man.. love the direction you convinced them to go with, totally agree!

O and since everyone else has said it.. you’re the best thing to come out of Asia since Samurai and Ninjas!!.. :D

chris miller -

you capture light amazingly

Mickey -

Yes, thank you for convincing us Linh. ;-)

You are the wind beneath my wings. lol.

Stephen G -

Great set of photos man!!
Your a great photographer, keep doing what ya do!

Danh Phan -

Amazing automotive lifestyle photos man. See you in a few weeks.

MaydayJohnP -

Im hot

Liem -

That last low-light pic rocks!…I’m gonna pick up smoking now.

Linhbergh -

Thank you for believing in me, Mickey. And thank you everyone else for their all too kind comments!

Ben Sassani -

Awesome cars, Awesome wheels… and of course, Awesome photography. Great job!

andy. -

17 comments… and nobody mentioned that dude’s INCREDIBLE BEARD.

Totally awesome buddy. Photos look MEGA sick!

Phong -

Love what you do with available light! Do you ever plan to use flash in the future? Or are you “sticking to your guns”?

rohit -

nice work. m impressed!!!!

Tom -

Disclaimer: I’m not an old fuddy duddy stick in the mud.

Love your pictures Linhbergh. Composition and technically very good… but. Two of the images slightly disturb me. One is of the tattooed guy sitting on the car with a half finished glass of (maybe) scotch inhis hands.

The other one is the next in the series of the car parked by the road with the bottle half finished and the guy taking a leak.

I simply don’t think that alcohol and cars (be they fast or not) belong together.

Apart from that, as I mentioned previously, your work is great.

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a view from a hotel

The past couple of days have been spent in Vancouver, British Columbia. This it the view from my hotel room on the 18th floor over the course of a day. I should note that these photos were not taken while mounted on a tripod (except for the evening) on the same spot three times during the course of the day. While it is roughly the same shot, there is a slight dilation from each picture to picture. The only constant was the view and the focal length.

The morning:

…the day:

…and the evening:

Clint Davis -

OOOOOOOOOoooooo, makes me want to play Final Fantasy VII

James -

Now, make a quick stop in Victoria. We’re waiting for you.

Carsten -

Great photos! I’ve been to the Sutton Place once and the view is nice indeed.

Tweets that mention a view from a hotel at LINHBERGH -- -

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Linhbergh, Stephen Breakwell. Stephen Breakwell said: RT @linhbergh: The view from the 18th floor from the Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. What a beautiful city…. […]

chuss -

these are great. i really like how the first two contrast each other. The flare in the third one steals the focus. Is that a spotlight, or what?

Television Expert -

This is like my third time stopping over your homepage. I always love the content and the way you write. Very smooth and instructive at the same time.

banpei -

Love the first photo! But then again: I love to take gloomy early morning and late afternoon photos myself… :)
@Chuss: on the first picture (early morning) you can see at that very same spot contains a big electronic billboard. Probably it is a bit too illuminated at night to cause the flare. ;)

Dat -

Love it. I like how hotel window views are often the best ways to remember an event. One of the prettiest cities.

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Mobil 1 + Underground Racing

Last May, I had the opportunity to visit the great tuning house, Underground Racing. While there, the guys from Mobil 1 gave me another opportunity –the opportunity to spend quality time with two Underground racing Lamborghini Gallardos to shoot for an upcoming Mobil 1 print ad campaign. This was the result:

A few friends have spied this very ad in the 2010 SEMA guide book, and the current issue of SuperStreet. Any other magazines you guys have seen it in?

Justin -

Wow, I’ve been wondering for the past like 2 months who took this shot. All I do is stare at it. Your composition, lighting, and post processing simply fuckin amazed me!!

What was your light setup for this??

Phong -

Im also interested in your light setup.

wla91 -

Wow, thats an amazing shot!.

recommendation on engine oil? - Page 4 - Lamborghini Forum -

[…] mean something I'm keeping it in the V10 for now until further testing….see the cool AD below; Mobil 1 + Underground Racing at LINHBERGH __________________ 04 6spd Pearl Yellow Gallardo CNS Racing Power clutch and flywheel (Reman) […]

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