Matt Power’s 2013 Formula D Machine

In 2009, I met a guy that was passionate about a few things: surfing, drifting, and driving a car that looks as awesome as can be. I also had the opportunity to photograph him and his drift machine for the car culture website, Speedhunters. Back when I shot those photographs, I was beginning my second year of photography. Both Matt and I were just starting out in both of our prospective hobbies. Since then, he’s picked up a few high profile sponsors and built cars that look and perform well and made a living driving in the professional drift series, Formula Drift. And like Matt, I became very blessed and was able to make a living with my photography since that time.

Earlier this week, I headed out to Pacific Beach, California, to photograph his 2013 car for the FD season –and here it is in all of its glory.

I’ve also supplied three different wallpaper downloads for those of you that have been asking on my Facebook page. Download it, here, herehere, and here.

Andreas Lehne -

this is just the awesomest livery he has ever had!

Brian Mills -

Absolutely stunning!

Tom Moore -


Declan Byrne -

you and me both tom hahaah it’s a savage looking car this year

Sean Griffin -

big boy rc car.

Dylan Cartier -

Do you have a desktop of the 2nd picture? :D

Nigel Petrie -

Looks so good!

Andreas Hveding Husby -

Holding on to the s14,respect:)

Piotr Pruski -

Very nice! :) Why don’t you give us more high res pics, please :P.

Matt Powers S14 2013 | tuning 4 auto -

[…] Pour des raisons évidentes de copyright et comme le shoot n’est pas encore paru sur Speedhunters, Linbergh dévoile exclusivement la nouvelle machine de Matt Powers sur son blog —> […]

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A Look Back: Formula Drift 2012

With the 2013 Formula Drift season quite literally around the corner, I thought I’d take a moment to look back the 2012 season with a collection of photos I never got around to post.

Jeff Abbott -

Always awesome bro!

Bil Baldwin -

again……..great pictures

Giga Afciauri -


Marc Riesenberg -

Lovin’ the close-ups on the drivers. Especially the ones with some foreground. Great color.

Liem Nguyen -

You got eBay motors in there, nice.

Linhbergh -

Thanks, Bill!

Linhbergh -

Thanks, man!!

Kenneth Stouffer -

Awesome, as usual. Amazing work like this just reinforces my man-crush.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks Ken! <3

Ben Sassani -

nicely done, man. epic as always!

Linhbergh -

Thanks, Ken <3

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recent work: WORLD Motorsports Mercedes SLS AMG

The week leading up to the SEMA show will always be known as a more-than-hectic week for all those that are involved. To get a car ready for the show, there’s a whole up line up of folks who play their part. And the furthest down the line, yet one of the most important is the photographer. The WORLD Motorsports SLS AMG was buttoned up the night before it had to be loaded up onto a trailer to be transported to Las Vegas.

In the few hours between the car prep guys, with their detailing, and the actual load up, was the time I had my intimate moments with the car.

And here are the results:

Client: WORLD Motorsports

Project: WORLD Motorsports Mercedes SLS AMG SEMA booth imagery

Role: Principle stills photographer

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How I learned to eat light

I’ll admit: I never aspired to be who I am today. I never planned on it, nor did I even fathom that I would ever become a photographer when I was younger. It just happened.

My childhood was filled with things that were just like any other boy; days filled with Legos, playing in the streets, video games, Robotech, the Disney Afternoon, orange creamsicles, purple drink, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, and of course, knee scrapes aplenty. But interspersed between normal kid-dom was a creative flair that never faded away. I drew–a lot. I took so many sheets of paper from my father’s printer that my buttocks already knew the sting of his bamboo stick before it was even unleashed. My dear mother never seemed to be able to supply me with enough coloring books as each new black and white book would instantly be introduced to the world of color. Teachers would always send me home with notes saying that I doodled when I wasn’t supposed to, on things like essay margins, standardized tests, math homework, my desk, and fellow classmates’ bare arms all fell victim to my creative fervor. More »

Ben Sassani -

pretty inspiring stuff! always great to see people’s journey and how they got to where they are now.

Dylan Howell -

Amazing images + story.

Journi Johnson -

Tnx, great glimpse into what makes you..well, you!

Drift Idiot -

Beautiful post Charles. You are an inspiration to some one who has been in the game just as long as you – but with far less success. Thanks for the write-up, and thanks for bridging the gap between automotive and art photography.

Anthony Gibson -

Awesome, and even more awesome photography! Thanks for sharing.

Ben Stieger -

You’re a nugget Linhbergh, something we can all aspire to.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks man!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks Journi! Really appreciate it.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Charles? Hehe. But thanks for posting my blog!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

I really appreciate the your kind words. Thank you.

Joshua Russell -

Lin…you are the man! I see a lot of similarities between us, from the early years to our art background and favorite artists, not to mention the instant music connection we had on that long drive to the desert last year. So glad we’ve met and I wish we had the chance to hang out more! Until then, I’ll look forward to all your nerdy comments on my nerdy posts. Keep it up!

Daniel Mora -

Great story.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks man!! We definitely need to hang out more and talk about nerdy things all the time. If anything, there’s a long over due photo trip out into the middle of no where sometime soon!

Joshua Russell -

im down! i should just make a trip down to LB and do some biking with you on a weekend you arent busy. ill text ya

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Let’s bike first, photography road trip later. Next weekend possibly? :)

Bruno Vega ドリフト -

incredible post Linhbergh! every success needs a sacrifice, as you did with the miata, the step to FF photography is awesome. deep words and inspiring shoots! I hope someday we could know each other, talk about techniques, cars and photography , cheers from chile bro!

Brayden Cresswell -

Amazing read Linbergh your work just blows me away if I could be Half as good as you I would be happy.

Sam Nalven -

Ohhhhhh my. Captain Dyslexia strikes again. Was writing another message to a Charles.

Ben Sassani -

So I’ll be in San Diego in a few weeks. if you’re in town, we should do lunch or brunch or whatever.

Khanh Ng -

Great story! My friend Costas Stergiou is very proud of you mentioned his name on this blog :)

Linhbergh Nguyen -

For sure! Hit me up when you got your travels plans sorted.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Definitely let me know if you ever come state side –California specifically and I’ll let you know if I ever head your way.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks Brayden! Keep having at it and never stop!

Ben Sassani -

I’ll hit you up next week and tell you my itinerary.

Carl Christian Bronken -

You are like a hero for us photographers! Great amazing work, and love the story behind!

Emilio Savov -

A photographer that I absolutely admire! You have such an incredible style, your ideas sometimes are out of this world, man, absolutely stunning, you make pictures of cars to look as pictures of some sexy girls..can’t take my eyes off them :) Thanks a lot for speedhuntin’ and showing to us your passion.

Daniele Fontanin -


Francesco Lombardi -

Ne voglio una….

Francesco Lombardi -

Daniele ma come si fa a fare una foto come la Terzultima con la mustang verde acqua? :)

Daniele Fontanin -

boh…bisogna avere i controcazzi! Io non lo so :(

Bas Kuiper -

Never thought you could achieve such a high level of photography in only 5 years.

Tiffany Shelton -

So when will you come to Thailand and be a guest lecture for my Uni? huh huh! when!

Joe Dantone -

Bro! You rock! I’ve loved your work for a very long time I’ve kind of faded away from shooting cars and got more into weddings now, but I always stay ontop of your work. This was a kick ass write up, as I always love to hear how other photogs got their start. Keep it up!

Jone Klemo Øverland -

Thanks for story behind. really look up to you and your achievement. amazing to see what kind of pictures you managed to get out of your old D40 too.
inspirational :) well I will keep trying with my 60D :) see ya.

Pepper Yandell -

Awesome blog post, and incredible pictures. I love the way you.. eat light!

Ginash Jdmc -

loved it!

Nancy Yandell -

I have to say, your quite a writer also!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Automotive is still 90% of what I do but I’ve also just recently gotten into weddings. I get such a high from shooting weddings –they’re insanely fun!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

I always say, its never about the equipment. It’s all about the person that uses it. Keep shooting, buddy!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks, Pepper!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

I would LOVE the opportunity to speak at your University!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Much love!!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

You’re very kind, Nancy. Thank you!

Jone Klemo Øverland -

thanks :) i will keep doing. and thanks for the reply.

Philip Tieu -

You are an interesting character and your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing Linhbergh!

Joe Dantone -

Ya I love automotive, I’ve shot the eastcoast bash and club loose events as well as 1 year at Wall for FD (which I saw how crazy you really get to get your amazing images) but I think my passion lies in weddings, getting the rush from the uncontrolled chaos of timing down to the incredible emotion through out the day is unlike anything I’ve shot before. Also every wedding is different and its your chance to really tell a great story the way you want through your pictures.

Perri Minot -

Awesome indeed. Thanks for sharing the personal pieces. Great work!

Alvaro Naranjo -

u have 2 real fans linhbergh… miss u in sh!

Efrain Arias -

Fantastic read, your work its amaizing and your photos have allways inspired us in this little island called Dominican Republic.

Raihan Skalski -

great post linh! I’m starting much earlier in photography but I guess I need to step up on art first.. thanks for the insight! by the way.. would you post an inside look of your workflow? thanks so much!

Kadir Yalcin -

you know.. you and I actually aren’t that different. I draw everywhere on everything. I draw cartoons, cars, bikes, engines, action figures with big-ass muscles and sexy shades :D though I’m not the greatest drawer, I just love it and enjoy every second of it, brainstorming about the next little detail. like you said everything falls victim to my creative fervor :D and just like you I have burning desire for any kind of creative professional. Be it editing videos, taking photos and postprocessing them. But all I want is to become a professional photographer. In particular shooting cars. low as hell, balls to the wall-like cars. But there’s one difference though. You see, I’m only 17 yet and my parents won’t let me pursue my dreams stating that the creative industry is too hard and there’s no money to make a living of. All I want is to reach to the sky and achieve my goal to perhaps become a Linbergh. A boy that made it so far that he could make a living out of his hobby instead of a 9 to 5 job. Now we do have a Sony NEX-5 camera and I’m already experimenting with the manual settings, but that just doesn’t cut it for me. I want to earn my food with it. I don’t have to be a freakin billionaire. All I want is to make enough to feed my family and have roof on my head.

You really inspire and I’m a huge fan of your work. Any advise from you would really appreciated.
A BIG fan of yours..

Larry Chen -

Don’t give up on your dream.

Nelson Queralta Jr. -

Wow amazing. I’ve been a fan of your work ever since your photos appeared on Speedhunters. You definitely are an inspiration and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. It can only get better. Thanks for sharing this Linhbergh.

Spencer Munch On Muncheros -

gives us all hope. Great inspirational piece !thank you

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recent work: 2013 Nissan Altima

It really was a snowball effect. At first, it was just a few casual emails, then some phone calls, and before I knew it, major access roads in downtown Los Angeles were closed and I was standing in the middle of it. And my purpose was to photograph the new 2013 Nissan Altima. The photographs will be used throughout the life of the model for the dot com, brochures, various ad campaigns and billboards.

After months of pre-production, the actual day of the shoot, and months of most production, I can finally share my work which can be found at

Agency: Chiat Day

Production Company: RSA Films

Project: 2013 Nissan Altima Point-of-Interest stills

Role: Principle stills photographer

Photographed with a Hasselblad H3D

JP -

great work linhbergh!

Alex -

Great work man!

nukus -

i hate to ask this again, are those shots all natural lights? because i knew u prefer ur shots that way
but i knew u did took the approach on getting on with strobes recently..
all in all, top work!!! absolute professional..

Linhbergh -

Nukus, almost all of the shots were shot with natural light. :)

Andrew Jennings -

As I mentioned on Saturday well done sir! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next

Andrew Jennings -

Well done once again sir! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next

Liem -

No F-ing way! That’s awesome to be in big leagues. I might just go down to local Nissan dealers to pick up brochures.

ding0tr0n -

we speedhunters fans miss you linhbergh! still doing great work i see. you have an excellent ‘eye’ for quality photos and it’s nice to see you enjoying some success commercially as a pro!

also, nice camera.

-sincerely, a fan


Awesome work. Congrats.

Sadik Berisha -

super shum I bukur.

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recent work: 2012 Chevrolet Corvette

There are times when you know you’re just one little cog in a much bigger machine, but that fact doesn’t bother you one single bit. You know that if you don’t do your best, the rest of the machine will not function properly.

Those were my exact thoughts a year ago while I was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when I was commissioned by Chevrolet to shoot the 2012 Corvette. One of my many tasks during the trip was to shoot a series of head shots of a few important Corvette folk. Some of you may recognize Tommy Milner, the Corvette Racing driver. After completing the head shots, I was released into the Corvette factory during the quiet after hours and had my way with the place however I saw fit.

I gave my photos to Corvette’s design team who, in return, used them in creating the 2012 Corvette brochure which is now handed to customers at all Chevy dealerships throughout the country. My work is also featured on the website for the complete Corvette 2012 line on

Although my photography wasn’t the focal point of these pieces, my vision and photography ultimately assisted in the creation the brochure and website.

I throughly enjoyed my time touring the Corvette factory and seeing how these iconic American cars are put together. The most surprising revelation was the fact that these cars really are hand built, not a single assembly line robot was seen throughout the factory. I also enjoyed having the chance to use a set of Profoto D1 1000 Air strobes for the head shots. I’ve used Alien Bees previously, and the Profotos are leaps and bounds better. The light coming from the strobes was extremely clean and the refresh times minimal. Are they worth their weight in gold? Yes. Very much yes- but only if you have jobs coming in to supplement the cost.

Being a star quarterback has its perks, but being the guy that holds the line for the quarter back is just as rewarding. That is the experience that working with Chevy brings.

The full PDF of the brochure can be downloaded here.


Liem -

Great to see your work in brochure formats. Liking the headshots as well.

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recent work: BFGoodrich Comp 2 Sport

Back in December, I had the opportunity to piggy back on a commercial spot with BFGoodrich and shoot some behind the scenes photos for the launch of their G-Force Comp 2 Sport tires. The shoot was located in Los Angeles around to the 7th street bridge industrial area. I’ve shot on and around the bridge for numerous photo shoots previously where I usually shoot full guerrilla style while trying my best stay out of the law’s way. I was now able to explore the location legally and free of those pressures. It was quite literally a light capturers playground!

The idea for the commercial was a take on the classic cat and mouse story. This time, the cat and mouse have been replaced by two growling muscle cars: a Hurst Chevy Camaro and  a Hurst Dodge Challenger. Their job was to chase each other around this industrial complex and my job was roughly the same except I had to chase them around while dodging the video cameras laid all throughout the shoot location.

Here are a few shots from the day. I’ll be taking a more behind the scene’s look at the shoot in the next blog post.


Here is the resulting spot which was shot by Will Roegge and put together by the guys from Mondial:

And here’s a more behind the scene’s look at the shoot:

Bruno -

great photoshoot as always! nice lightning! did u use strobist kit ? can i have some information about it ? cuz i’m trying some sessions, and i’m experimenting with strobist technique, but I’m not getting good result as i want to. keep shooting fun Linhbergh, greetings from chile

Wladimir -

Breathtaking shots man, the first one and the last one were my favorites, the video is pretty awesome too!

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stepping out of the comfort zone

I’ll always remember the feeling of getting my first camera and that initial flurry of creative juices that seemed to flow out endlessly. I had a massive thirst for learning all little intricacies of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and all sorts of post processing techniques. And after 4 years of being a photographer, I noticed that my work was beginning to become somewhat predictable. I found a style of shooting and editing that I enjoyed which I always ended up resorting too. Like many before me, I slipped into the dangerous creative comfort zone.

I primarily shoot with natural light. The sun is my modeling lamp.

I wanted to try something new. So last week, I borrowed a set of Profoto AcuteB 600s, drove out to the desert, stepped out of my shooting comfort zone and learned how to use artificial light. I found the process to be excruciatingly slow and the art of finessing artificial lights was a process all its own. The act of balancing the strobe’s flash power with my camera’s settings, the strobe’s shoot angle, and its distance from the subject proved to be the biggest challenge. But when I got back home and started looking at the photos in detail, I saw the potential of artificial lights, the magic that can be created with it and realized that a whole new frontier has been right in front of me all this time.

Chak -

What what what?!?!?! What happened to feeding your beloved machine only organic light?

WillVision -

Wow epic shot in a fantastic location! Great job on the lighting. It’s good to push our limits or our habits like you did here.

Genessee -

I know what you mean! I used off camera flash for an assignment a couple weeks ago and found it nice to not be limited by the sun. I can see why people choose to shoot this way and why it’s so crucial to learn. Shaping and controlling light is photography after all. So much control and flexibility. Looking forward to seeing more photos from out of your comfort zone!

ConnorHarrison -

Complete control can certainly expand creative containment. Playing with flash is fun, and the possibilities are pretty staggering! The budget baller can even make due with a single flash and do a composite stack in photoshop.

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