Recent Work: Tesla Motors

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If there’s one thing the Jetsons got right, it’s the sound of the future –the sound of what the automobiles of that distant present will sound like to be exact. I’m talking about that gentle, soft whurr of an electric engine. And the geniuses over at Tesla Motors got it right and brought the future of the Jetsons to the present of today.


Outside of Bitcoin, the hottest thing, in 2013, for both tech and  automotive, was the topic of Tesla Motors, and their ground breaking Model S electric sedan.


Late spring of last year, I was lucky enough to be able to work with Tesla.


I’ve been holding off on posting up all the images I’ve shot and worked on as I was waiting for the company to slowly trickle them out to the public. It wasn’t until the Holiday season that I started seeing my work on the walls of Tesla’s retail stores.


This particular image of the white Model S was one of the first of my photos to be released. Made me feel like a proud father seeing these for the first time in person!

The images below are some of the other images from my project with Telsa Motors. Enjoy!


Client: Tesla Motors
Project: Photography assets for Tesla website/social media and in store displays
Role: Principle still photographer