Behind the Scenes with Mercedes Benz

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Last July, I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a summers day at the beach, in Malibu, California for a photo shoot with Mercedes Benz. Here’s a quick behind the scenes look at that shoot. The resulting images were used as the key image throughout the Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami, which featured the new SL63, Vitamin A Swimwear, and of course, an accompanying swimsuit model.

If there’s one thing I learned about being on production, it’s the fact to LABEL ALL THINGS. I’ve been on a some productions where my lens and body caps have been mixed into other photographer’s or video dude’s stuff. And at the end of the day, we had no idea who’s was who’s. Labeling definitely helps expedite the post-shoot clean up process.

So, PRO-TIP: leave nothing unlabeled.

This is the set up of various accessories for the stylist to choose from. I was a big fan of the Tiffany bangle in the right frame, but it was sadly not chosen.

The shoot was scheduled for just after lunchtime and into the early afternoon. Our location was a small sandy outcrop at the end of a beachside neighborhood.

The white sand really made our lives easy. The sand reflected the high noon light onto the car gave us some great bounce light onto the white SL63. That factor alone made our lighting set up simple.

We basically used a two light system: One Profoto, coupled with a dish, to light the darker side of the car, and the other mounted higher up on a C stand, with a 5′ octabox, to light the model.

The best part about the lighting setup was the fact that we barely had to change it as we switched to different shots. This resulted in very little production downtime. And to me, that’s always a good thing –a really good thing.

Here are the resulting images:

Project: Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week Key Images
Role: Principle stills photographer

A special thanks to Tram Tran for assisting the shoot and also providing a few of the behind the scenes photographs