Matt Power’s 2013 Formula D Machine

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In 2009, I met a guy that was passionate about a few things: surfing, drifting, and driving a car that looks as awesome as can be. I also had the opportunity to photograph him and his drift machine for the car culture website, Speedhunters. Back when I shot those photographs, I was beginning my second year of photography. Both Matt and I were just starting out in both of our prospective hobbies. Since then, he’s picked up a few high profile sponsors and built cars that look and perform well and made a living driving in the professional drift series, Formula Drift. And like Matt, I became very blessed and was able to make a living with my photography since that time.

Earlier this week, I headed out to Pacific Beach, California, to photograph his 2013 car for the FD season –and here it is in all of its glory.

I’ve also supplied three different wallpaper downloads for those of you that have been asking on my Facebook page. Download it, here, herehere, and here.