stepping out of the comfort zone

I’ll always remember the feeling of getting my first camera and that initial flurry of creative juices that seemed to flow out endlessly. I had a massive thirst for learning all little intricacies of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and all sorts of post processing techniques. And after 4 years of being a photographer, I noticed that my work was beginning to become somewhat predictable. I found a style of shooting and editing that I enjoyed which I always ended up resorting too. Like many before me, I slipped into the dangerous creative comfort zone.

I primarily shoot with natural light. The sun is my modeling lamp.

I wanted to try something new. So last week, I borrowed a set of Profoto AcuteB 600s, drove out to the desert, stepped out of my shooting comfort zone and learned how to use artificial light. I found the process to be excruciatingly slow and the art of finessing artificial lights was a process all its own. The act of balancing the strobe’s flash power with my camera’s settings, the strobe’s shoot angle, and its distance from the subject proved to be the biggest challenge. But when I got back home and started looking at the photos in detail, I saw the potential of artificial lights, the magic that can be created with it and realized that a whole new frontier has been right in front of me all this time.

Chak -

What what what?!?!?! What happened to feeding your beloved machine only organic light?

WillVision -

Wow epic shot in a fantastic location! Great job on the lighting. It’s good to push our limits or our habits like you did here.

Genessee -

I know what you mean! I used off camera flash for an assignment a couple weeks ago and found it nice to not be limited by the sun. I can see why people choose to shoot this way and why it’s so crucial to learn. Shaping and controlling light is photography after all. So much control and flexibility. Looking forward to seeing more photos from out of your comfort zone!

ConnorHarrison -

Complete control can certainly expand creative containment. Playing with flash is fun, and the possibilities are pretty staggering! The budget baller can even make due with a single flash and do a composite stack in photoshop.

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