recent work: BFGoodrich Comp 2 Sport

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Back in December, I had the opportunity to piggy back on a commercial spot with BFGoodrich and shoot some behind the scenes photos for the launch of their G-Force Comp 2 Sport tires. The shoot was located in Los Angeles around to the 7th street bridge industrial area. I’ve shot on and around the bridge for numerous photo shoots previously where I usually shoot full guerrilla style while trying my best stay out of the law’s way. I was now able to explore the location legally and free of those pressures. It was quite literally a light capturers playground!

The idea for the commercial was a take on the classic cat and mouse story. This time, the cat and mouse have been replaced by two growling muscle cars: a Hurst Chevy Camaro and  a Hurst Dodge Challenger. Their job was to chase each other around this industrial complex and my job was roughly the same except I had to chase them around while dodging the video cameras laid all throughout the shoot location.

Here are a few shots from the day. I’ll be taking a more behind the scene’s look at the shoot in the next blog post.


Here is the resulting spot which was shot by Will Roegge and put together by the guys from Mondial:

And here’s a more behind the scene’s look at the shoot: