recent work: 2012 Chevrolet Corvette

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There are times when you know you’re just one little cog in a much bigger machine, but that fact doesn’t bother you one single bit. You know that if you don’t do your best, the rest of the machine will not function properly.

Those were my exact thoughts a year ago while I was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when I was commissioned by Chevrolet to shoot the 2012 Corvette. One of my many tasks during the trip was to shoot a series of head shots of a few important Corvette folk. Some of you may recognize Tommy Milner, the Corvette Racing driver. After completing the head shots, I was released into the Corvette factory during the quiet after hours and had my way with the place however I saw fit.

I gave my photos to Corvette’s design team who, in return, used them in creating the 2012 Corvette brochure which is now handed to customers at all Chevy dealerships throughout the country. My work is also featured on the website for the complete Corvette 2012 line on

Although my photography wasn’t the focal point of these pieces, my vision and photography ultimately assisted in the creation the brochure and website.

I throughly enjoyed my time touring the Corvette factory and seeing how these iconic American cars are put together. The most surprising revelation was the fact that these cars really are hand built, not a single assembly line robot was seen throughout the factory. I also enjoyed having the chance to use a set of Profoto D1 1000 Air strobes for the head shots. I’ve used Alien Bees previously, and the Profotos are leaps and bounds better. The light coming from the strobes was extremely clean and the refresh times minimal. Are they worth their weight in gold? Yes. Very much yes- but only if you have jobs coming in to supplement the cost.

Being a star quarterback has its perks, but being the guy that holds the line for the quarter back is just as rewarding. That is the experience that working with Chevy brings.

The full PDF of the brochure can be downloaded here.