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recent work: 2012 Chevrolet Corvette

There are times when you know you’re just one little cog in a much bigger machine, but that fact doesn’t bother you one single bit. You know that if you don’t do your best, the rest of the machine will not function properly. Those were my exact thoughts a year ago while I was in Bowling […]

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Liem -

Great to see your work in brochure formats. Liking the headshots as well.

recent work: BFGoodrich Comp 2 Sport

Back in December, I had the opportunity to piggy back on a commercial spot with BFGoodrich and shoot some behind the scenes photos for the launch of their G-Force Comp 2 Sport tires. The shoot was located in Los Angeles around to the 7th street bridge industrial area. I’ve shot on and around the bridge for numerous […]

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Bruno -

great photoshoot as always! nice lightning! did u use strobist kit ? can i have some information about it ? cuz i’m trying some sessions, and i’m experimenting with strobist technique, but I’m not getting good result as i want to. keep shooting fun Linhbergh, greetings from chile

Wladimir -

Breathtaking shots man, the first one and the last one were my favorites, the video is pretty awesome too!

stepping out of the comfort zone

I’ll always remember the feeling of getting my first camera and that initial flurry of creative juices that seemed to flow out endlessly. I had a massive thirst for learning all little intricacies of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and all sorts of post processing techniques. And after 4 years of being a photographer, I noticed that my work […]

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Chak -

What what what?!?!?! What happened to feeding your beloved machine only organic light?

WillVision -

Wow epic shot in a fantastic location! Great job on the lighting. It’s good to push our limits or our habits like you did here.

Genessee -

I know what you mean! I used off camera flash for an assignment a couple weeks ago and found it nice to not be limited by the sun. I can see why people choose to shoot this way and why it’s so crucial to learn. Shaping and controlling light is photography after all. So much control and flexibility. Looking forward to seeing more photos from out of your comfort zone!

ConnorHarrison -

Complete control can certainly expand creative containment. Playing with flash is fun, and the possibilities are pretty staggering! The budget baller can even make due with a single flash and do a composite stack in photoshop.