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fuji x100 impressions

I’ll be frank, I’m not a fan of talking about camera gear. I like talking about photography. I shy away from talking about various camera bodies, lenses, flash units, filters, or whatever else can be talked about under that umbrella. I like discussing the process of photography to get to a desired result. A camera […]

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laco -

thanks for writing a non-technical review!
Reading one review – for example at dpreview, – and this one gives me a complete picture:)

Robert -

Great review, sir! I was actually interested in one after I watched the review that DigitalRev made. I’m glad you were honest in the pros and cons of the camera and I have to admit that I’m quite disappointed in the focusing issues that plague this camera. I think I might just save up a little more and get a Leica X1.

Chak -

Perfect! How are ya man. Nice to see a review that doesn’t yammer on about what each button is made off and how it can see into the fourth dimension or something ( though that would be pretty damn cool).
Anyway, It was the same problem when I used the X100. It felt good, awesome, amazing, almost like the feeling I got when I used either an M6 or a Mamiya 7, the problem was I like to shoot fast, and I really really wished it focused well on manual, cos I knew it was gonna be borderline murder on autofocus, but it wasn’t the case.

Oh well, I guess like you said, this is early days. I love my Nikon D200. It feels good, It’s my good luck charm, part of my arm and all that jazz, but goddamn is it a hassle to use sometimes. I just want to take a picture, thats all, so having a billion options isn’t something I really bother with these days. I miss the simplicity of the film days, and that’s what you seem to give the impression off. It’s a completely different experience.

You’ve changed my mind a bit on my early experiences with this camera. Hit us up with more images you take with it. Thanks for the write up.

Ricky Cervantes -

Excellent review Linhbergh, and much appreciated as well as I had been meaning to ask you about this camera. i’m currently in the market for a point and shoot myself and this was one of my potential picks. After reading your review though, i think i may end up with the Panasonic Lumix LX5, despite how gorgeous the Fuji is aesthetically. Thanks again buddy!

Wladimir -

Nice review man, it was really fun to read!.

After taking a look at the samples and the ergonomics, it seems like a really nice daily camera to carry, i’ve lost a lot of nice shots cause i don’t like to carry my d90 all day, its tiring!.

X100 Enthusiasts -

Great honest review, I couldn’t agree more. The X100 comes with its quirks, but it changes everything. Stunning photos of the X100, it looks right at home!

Foo -

Nice “review”. I like how it’s _not_ technical.

Can you say how long that strap is? Looks like a really comfy length.

Dat Nguyen -

I finally got to play with this today. I wanted to stab the manual focusing in its eye and butt at the same time. The aperture ring felt off too — I feel like if the focusing ring was useable, the bumps on the aperture ring would just get in the way. But I think you have it right, it’s the best looking camera to have hanging from your butt pocket.

George Lee -

Great review. The sample photos were absolutely stunning bro, good job. the skin tones of the x100 are to die for! i cannot wait to try this thing out!

Chan -

Wow! Thanks for the sharing! Your photos are really inspiring. Can I ask u where did you buy the strap from? It is very nice!

Mike Hall -

I too am curious about your Gordy strap. What length is yours? Thanks…

Nancy -

This review is chock full of esoteric hipster douchery.

Mark Anthony Manalo -

Hi There,

I really love your review on the x100. Great job! I know everyone is bugging you about the leather strap you have on your camera, well i am pleased to say i am one of them too LOL ;-) It will be much appriciated if you can tell me (us) where you grab those straps of yours?

Thanks a lot!


Mark Anthony from Vienna, Austria

Paul Intile -

So, then. What is the perfect camera?

Ian Docherty -

A digital Konica Hexar! :-)

fuji x100 sample images

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to have been able to get my hands on the illusive rangefinder-esque and retro throwback designed Fuji X100. Since then, I’ve fell in love with the camera completely. I’ve never owned a camera which I get as much enjoyment from shooting as I do with the X100. Every photographer […]

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Trond -

Some great pictures there from your X100. Are these taken in RAW or JPG and did you do much PP with them? I love my X100 as well and my heavy DSLR gear has collected dust the past months since I got it :-)

*misslieze -

Holy crap… am I in love with your camera! I have an Fuji from 1985 that looks just like it, and the photos you have shot with the x1000 looks amazing! I’m totally jealous :P You’re so cool. tee hee :)

Locksley Ng -

Linhbergh, your pictures are awesome as always. Wether you’re in the race track or not, I respect. How did you Post Process your photos till it achieved to that color? It’s so nice. I’ve always wanted to know how’d you get blue skies as well.

Dr . Angshuman Bhattacharyya -

Excellent review. I’m going for this camera and I can live with slow focusing speed in exchange of excellent photos . Had Nikkor Matt , Oly Om1, those were days . Would look forward to a complete manual D SLR though or a rangefinder from Nikon maybe .

sunayana das -

Awesome snaps…It’s gr8…interested to buy it..but due to my educational expense can’t anymore ask 4 it to dad & mom……but not to worry once i wil be an ias i wil definately go for this camera

Jenkins -

Very nice X100 shots – I’m looking forward to the fuji X-pro 1 coming out soon – do you think you will be getting one?