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ferrari 458 italia

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laco -


firstly, sorry for asking it here:)
I found some old shots taken by you, that has some scanning scratches, lots of grain, like this one:

Have you shot them on film? What kind of analogue cameras do you have/like/want in the future?

thanks in advance!

Linhbergh -

Hi Laco,

I shot that with a 120mm Rolleicord TLR camera. It was shot on some very expired (1974) film which helps give it that really old look.

I would really like to own some sort of 35mm rangefinder in the future.


laco -

oh I see, I have a copy of the Rolleicord, the Yashica MAT124G:) Nice to know that it is “safe” to use some very old film.
Can I write to your email for a little personal advice?