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more from hre wheels

I had the chance to once again work with the guys from HRE Wheels. These shots were used for the launch of their new line of luxury wheels, the P90L series. Some of you may recognize the location used for the Bentley Continental GT as it was used in a shoot from two years ago for […]

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Rotary -

Isnt that the place where you shot Matt Powers S14 when it was still green with purple hood?

inside of the inside of b&h photo

A few days ago, I ordered a new, but used, camera from online digital imaging superstore, B&H Photo, I found a CF card which was left inside the camera. I found these contained in said CF card. It offers a brief glimpse into the clandestine operation that is B&H.

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Clint Davis -

I helped pay for that watch!… and that chair… and that computer… lol :D


so thats why they have so many holidays off

Henry Posner -

Just proves we have the best looking employees anywhere. Brad Pitt and George Clooney don’t hold a candle to the B&H Krew!! :-)

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

jmc -

1dsmIII ? I hate you even more now :)

DC Chavez -

What I want to know is how they get their curl so tight!

Ricky Cervantes -

I see these photos and all I can think of is the opening sequence to “Snatch.”

‘vere is da stone?

Amaze Studios -

Wow, that was really cool! Visiting the store when I was in NY was a treat, almost like visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I remember all the conveyor belts/rollers ushering products all over the place.

Henry, how about a documentary on the inside workings of BH photo? It’s nice to see people behind the scenes too. :-)

BTW, is that the same building in this video?

Poncho Alarcón -

Now I know where to have lunch when I go to my B&H pilgrimage =)
Shalom Aleichem.

Saludos desde (Greetings from) Monterrey Mx

Ernie Nitka -

Henry – love it – no nudity just hard working folks. I am a BH fanboy – you guys have only improved from the early days when I wasn’t such a fan. Love you guys.

Ernie Nitka – no connection to BH except an always satisfied customer

ChrisB -

Cool, it’s like a mini documentary :-)

Erick Arauz -

Sweet, Jews!