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the result of two years on the road

In the past two years, I’ve clocked in quite a few travel miles. And in those two years, my equipment has taken a beating as much as my luggage has. Like a physical scar on your body, these particular scratches and wear was a life saving type. While photographing the ten hour American Le Mans […]

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Matthew Mead -

I agree with the moral of your story.

But dude WTF that 5d is battered :P i thought I was hard on gear.

Mark Pakula -

gaff it all up.

andy. -

Love, love, LOVE this post, buddy. Seriously. SO good!

Brennan McKissick -

Awesome writeup sir. Well used

Abby's Dad (and a Nikon person) -

Obviously well used and responsible for numerous outstanding photos! As they say, “no pain, no gain” — which applies to tools of the trade as well.

Robert Kawasaki -

Wow. That thing do look beat up, both of them. I hope they were filming you when you dropped your macbook pro though, must’ve been a butt clenching experience.

Nate -

Character. Pure character.

Clint Davis -

You truly are one of my main inspirations when shooting. I now feel like my camera should look like yours. Keep doing what you do, it’s amazing

Nikon Guy -

Get a NIKON and be happy
Much more resistant to this

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[…] the result of two years on the road at linhbergh. […]

Faisal -

Keep up on the best automotive photos i see