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hre wheels

I’ve been working with the guys from HRE Wheels to help with content for their just launched website redesign and also their new print catalog. Here’s a sample collection of what I’ve been doing with them these past few months. They wanted to go for a more lifestyle based direction than what they’ve been doing previously. The […]

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James Evins -

I’m so impressed! Good work!

Costas Stergiou -

Omgahhh, y u so awesome.

Mickey -

You are the best Vietnamese photographer EVAR! ;-)

dafne maris -

wonderful pictures, congratulations =)

adam afif -

this is sick man… you are the best in the bussiness… seriously.. keep it up man

Clint Davis -

OH linhbergh… you done did it again. beautiful beautiful beautiful

Stitched Production -

Stunning!!!! Keep it up

Dat -

Best Vietnamese period.

Jose Rosado -

Amazing stuff man.. love the direction you convinced them to go with, totally agree!

O and since everyone else has said it.. you’re the best thing to come out of Asia since Samurai and Ninjas!!.. :D

chris miller -

you capture light amazingly

Mickey -

Yes, thank you for convincing us Linh. ;-)

You are the wind beneath my wings. lol.

Stephen G -

Great set of photos man!!
Your a great photographer, keep doing what ya do!

Danh Phan -

Amazing automotive lifestyle photos man. See you in a few weeks.

MaydayJohnP -

Im hot

Liem -

That last low-light pic rocks!…I’m gonna pick up smoking now.

Linhbergh -

Thank you for believing in me, Mickey. And thank you everyone else for their all too kind comments!

Ben Sassani -

Awesome cars, Awesome wheels… and of course, Awesome photography. Great job!

andy. -

17 comments… and nobody mentioned that dude’s INCREDIBLE BEARD.

Totally awesome buddy. Photos look MEGA sick!

Phong -

Love what you do with available light! Do you ever plan to use flash in the future? Or are you “sticking to your guns”?

rohit -

nice work. m impressed!!!!

Tom -

Disclaimer: I’m not an old fuddy duddy stick in the mud.

Love your pictures Linhbergh. Composition and technically very good… but. Two of the images slightly disturb me. One is of the tattooed guy sitting on the car with a half finished glass of (maybe) scotch inhis hands.

The other one is the next in the series of the car parked by the road with the bottle half finished and the guy taking a leak.

I simply don’t think that alcohol and cars (be they fast or not) belong together.

Apart from that, as I mentioned previously, your work is great.