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peter + gigi

Before the turn of year, I had the great opportunity to shoot my very good friend and mentor, Peter Li and his girl in a very seedy and dark part of Los Angeles. For this particular shoot, I took a lot of inspiration from the Chinese art house director, Wong Kar Wai. I specifically drew […]

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emmi -

how many cigarettes did peter smoke in this shoot? lol

Daniek McQueen -

Oh wow! These photos are so nice. i love them, the last one is so nice. jealous of your skills!

Clint Davis -

You’ve reached Super Saiyan lens flare status with that last one!

Chris -

Totally awesome photos man! Did you use any added light in these or was it all natural/in the location lighting? I remember you saying previously you like to use natural light?

MaydayJohnP -

Man, cigarette shots are insane. The Cherry almost looks fake in pic. number 1. Awesome shots Rinhbrgh

kenchi -

straight out of a chinese gangster movie.

Linhbergh -

You’ve got good memory, Chris! I used whatever available light was at the location.

Jazzy -

Definitely the protégé of Wong Kar Wai…

Peter & Gigi, by Linhbergh « jonathan wong -

[…] see more: here […]

Michael Kalbo -

Wow. These photos are amazing. I love the grain and colors tones of all the photos. Great job.

banpei -

Amazing! You did capture that same feeling as Wong Kar Wai did in his film!
I can almost hear Nat Cole’s Te Quiero Dijiste when looking at these picture! :)

Batou -

Damn, Peter sure knows how to wear a suit!

Wandering Chopsticks -

You popped up on my Twitter and I clicked over out of curiosity. Glad I did. These photos are fantastic. Even before I read the text, my first thought was it looks straight out of “In the Mood for Love.” Maybe a little forbidden “Lust, Caution” thrown in for good measure. :)

Clint -

Amazing shots! Absolutely love them :)