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seeing your vision through

A few months ago when Kenny Chieu and I started talking about his car being sponsored by KINOD, it seemed like something we’d both like to pursue. The more we talked, the more it seemed like the talks would actually bear fruit. Speculation turned into some rough ideas, ideas transformed into real concepts, and the […]

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Matt Malcolm -

Stunning. The minimalistic and simplified touches should definately see it standing out.
Best of luck on the partnership and the coming season!


Ham -

The wheels! Yes the wheels!!!

Dan -

Congrats dude the livery looks great, very classy. You guys are killin’ it right now.

Chris -

I like it, it’s clean but I would never have expected this if I had guessed

Kenny Chieu’s 2010 RTA campaign « kenchimsg -

[…] March 16, 2010 I’m proud to announce for the 2010 Redline Time Attack season, I’ll be partnering with KINOD Collective as the title sponsor for my Toyota MR-S. We’ve been in talks for the past several months work dreams into reality, and the reality is quite dreamy. Please follow this link to Linhbergh’s blog. […]

Andy Blackmore -

Only just seen this Linhbergh, thats awesome. Looks much better with the straight colour line on the shoulder, than the other option. Nice work, thats nice, clean, simple and current.

Enoe -

I’m a MRS lover. This one is hella mean. Maybe I can afford one someday.