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the lady in a red dress – the NISMO 370z

Back in October, I obliged to be set up to a blind date (with the help of 0-60 Magazine). I had no expectations but I did have an idea of who I have been set up with. The door bell rang in the early morning the day of our date. I open the door to […]

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Casey -

Jesus, you nailed it L

Robert -

Great photos! The first one is just so perfect.

Clint Davis -

I have said never to shoot in a parking lot, you have defied this rule of mine.

Chris Rhoad -


Bryan -

Your work’s amazing, Linh!

Costas Stergiou -

Last picture is epic.

Mattijn -

Killer shots, great work!!

Hoji -

Very nice work Lin! I can’t say that I love the 370 but I most definitely appreciate it’s style through your frames.

hechtspeed -

Beautiful! Your words and photography really show off the new Z. Gorgeous car and great specs too!

@deelau -

Great shoot again dude! Love your style with golden light

Enoe -

I love the pics, but honestly I like the story more than the pics. It’s the best car related thing I’ve read in awhile.

r32taka -

Your pictures are epic in this post. This Z look better than never before!

LaT1NaSo -

First shot is perfect and by far my favourite of the lot. I was wondering whether it was one shot or a blend of a couple of exposures?