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shots from straight out of the 1950s

I finally had time to take my newly acquired (not to mention, ancient) camera out for the first time to the Los Angeles County Fair. It took some getting used to after coming from the super simple to use, Rolleicord. The first big hurdle to get over, with this camera, is learning how to properly […]

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Adam -

I might just need one.

Cory Pham -

wow, those photos are great. You actually inspired me to pick up a pentacon six tl for my first medium format.

fd sonoma

I finally had some time to dig through some of my shots from Formula D Sonoma and this photo of Vaughn Gittin Jr and Darren McNamara, initiating into the first corner, was one result of said digging. I can’t remember the last time I posted something rice related on this blog, and I don’t consider […]

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guten tag, from the communist eastern block!

If you’ve kept up with my facebook or twitter, over the course of the past two weeks, you would’ve noticed that I was selling my dear ‘ol Rolleicord camera. Today, the postman delivered the camera that was to replace that loyal TLR. Behold, the majestic, Pentacon Six TL! This is medium format SLR camera, which […]

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Justin W. Coffey -


The second photo, the one through the viewfinder(?), that is incredible stuff!

It almost makes me feel a bit dizzy! Perfect :D

knx -

congrats on the purchase, but pentacons are pain in the ass to use, and they break quite often. I’ve had one of these, and quickly sold it.

Linhbergh -

knx, thanks! but, what kept breaking on your Pentacon? And when you sold the camera, what did you replace it with?

knx -

In my P- Six the frames were constantly overlapping. Maybe I was doing something wrong when loading a film, but even after repairing the problem kept coming back after few days.
Also, the film advanse mechanism when used too fast (moving the advance lever very quickly to next frame) can break some inside mechanisms.

Now I have only digital, but I miss medium format and keep thinking about buying something new :)

Linhbergh -

knx, I’ve just started shooting my first roll of film with the Pentacon, including, how to properly load and take photos without overlapping. Those are the two sites that I’ve been reading up on… We’ll see how my first roll turns out:

So far, my shooting experiences with the camera have been great. I love it much more than my Rolleicord already. The actions are so much smoother and it feels like an actual camera. Rolleicord’s are completely different creatures to shoot with…

knx -

Have fun with it, mayby mine was just an unlucky one :) I’ll check your blog in a few days, hoping to see some great photos !

Cory Pham -

Followed you straight off of CR.Net, love your blog. I truely love your photos.

But on the subject, nice camera! Still selling the rollei? How much?!

Linhbergh -

Thanks man! And yeah I’ve already sold the Rolleicord… sorry.

Cory Pham -

mind me asking, how well is the Pentacon working out for you? have any more photos?

Linhbergh -

I’m about to get my first roll from the Pentacon developed this weekend. We’ll see how it goes. I love the camera though, its a bit tougher to use than the Rolleicord, but I think the pros out weigh the cons by far.

american identity, part 1

I could say many things about this American Civil War reenactment that I attended this past weekend. Instead, I’ll let the photos do the talking:

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ross -

its sweet stuff like this that i ask for you to tell me so i can attend

jose -

guerilla style!

Kenny -


Christian Mejia -

These photos have left me speechless. You sir are talented

Linhbergh -

Ross, I found out about this event very last minute. Sorry, bud!

Thanks for the comments guys!

beeoneoneoh -

:o Tip of the hat to you good sir, a fine sight that is indeed.
Seriously, couldn’t have been better

falken girl: mj castillo

When I was in Seattle, for the 5th round of Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway, I was following Chris Forsberg around for a little day-in-the-life-of guest blog, and also had the opportunity to shoot the Falken model, Mary J Castillo. Just posted today on, is a guest blog, which she wrote, and also feature […]

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Grady -

Can she wear my cowboy hat also?

Bryan -

Very nice pictures, Linh! I’m particularly a fan of panels 1 and 4. You and Mary did a lot there to make her seem less like a statue and more like the girl next door–very human, contented, and somehow vulnerable at the same time. That probably makes no sense at all, but suffice in to say that you did good work!

Adam -

You have a hard life, Linh. A hard life.

Robert -

Great set, Linhbergh. You always find the perfect way to showcase the human side of people we rarely see.

Kenny -

Amazing shots, she’s beautiful!

drew -

brilliant, just brilliant. i’d guess these are probably some of the best photos anyone has ever taken of her. no joke: as a model and grid girl, she probably doesn’t get very much opportunity to participate in some nice, simple portraiture. i think you even allude to this.

hoji -

Mate, well done! Very nice & tight art direction, it’s subtle yet still captures all the beauty of Ms Castillo effectively!

My favourite image would have to be IMG_0410.jpg. It’s got everything, including aviators! Haha!

*two aussie thumbs up*

Enoezam -

Were all diiferent. Judging people by the jobs they have or the car they own. Just because I slam my car doesn’t make me a ricer. I drive a Miata that doesn’t mean I don’t love Muscle cars. We all have our own views on everything.

samantha’s maternity

If you guys have been keeping up and following my twitter, you would’ve seen a sneak peak from a fantastic maternity shoot, from Sunday, this morning. At bottom of this post, you will see a link to the complete set. Be sure to check it out! GALLERY>> Samantha + John

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warren shim-quee -

amazing i love it!!

Ngoc -

Awwwww! :]


an outlander & a pack of crazies

The thing about road trips is that there’s always a a sense of romance before the actual trip is underway. That sense of an open road and of endless possibilities; Americana has been deeply ingrained into the minds of many of us Americans. But for some reason, there was none of that typical dreaming or […]

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Delia -

I thought you said 4 of you went..?

Linhbergh -

We had a super last minute cancellation… :(

fatsi -

awesome.. very inspiring..

Amanda -

These pictures look so fun! i love it!

Mich -

Very nice!!!


These are great. Makes me wants to shoot. Amazing.

Linhbergh -

Thanks guys!

Will Roegge -

I’ve looked at this photo set at least 5 times – today. Very nice work. Maybe I could try to be a part time model.