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results from the rolleicord

I have to admit it. I am completely infatuated with any and all sorts of film cameras, and film types. I also have to admit that, lately, I’ve been neglecting my digital camera because of my absolute infatuation with the film medium. Shortly after picking up the 5D MarkII, I picked up a 35mm Canon […]

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Elijah -

if u need someone to keep ur 5d company let me know. ha ha Just don’t be surprised if i ship my 5d Mk1 back to u instead. ha ha

Jazz -

The way the Rolleicord captures light is amazing! No need for post-processing…

Derek -

Wow that is amazing dude! Sorry if this is a really noob question, but how did the faded light trails and the softness of the colour occur? Was it expired film or something else?

Zach Meister -

Amazing shots Linhbergh, the colours, everything just look great. I guess that’s the magic of film.

As I said, amazing stuff.

-Zach Meister

a century old, and more than a century old

I just picked up an early birthday present for myself. It’s a Rolleicord medium format camera. According to this website, and the camera’s corresponding serial number, this sucker was made from 1950-1953! Just imagine the history this camera has been apart of and seen… I’m heading to New Jersey this weekend, and I will definitely […]

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sean jay -

but can it use all your canon lenses? :3

Dat Nguyen -

What a classic! I’ve been enjoying seeing photos from this thing lately — can’t wait to see the results!

Kuruu -

That thing is awesome. I also cant wait to see results.

Chris -

Yuss, can’t wait to see how you get on this. Can’t beat the originals

Skinny -

What? You are making NJ and did not go to Hotlanta? Man. (I am assuming you are covering FD with your mad skills?!?)

Elijah -

STILL waiting on shots from this camera. ha ha

Kevin -

so dope. so rsr.

Roselle -

I can’t wait to see your shots :)

RT -

Love how the photos turned out on that old Rolleicord. Very soft and warm.