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I had a fantastic graduation session with Teresa on the UCLA campus. We were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous, and warm, late afternoon sun. It seemed like the afternoon teased us with what summer will be like in the coming weeks. And if the summer is anything like yesterday afternoon, then I am quite looking […]

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Payne -


summer nostalgia

The late afternoon sun could not have been any better. Thien was done up beautifully by Thuy (of theThuyProject) with a fantastic fingerweave hair style complimented with a vintage inspired swimsuit and summer hat. We had a fantastic magic hour shoot and the end result came out pretty well. I did not have the chance […]

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Phaze2 Heymikeyyyy -

pics look so awesome!!!!!

clay -

what kind of lens were you using here?..great shots!!

KLBo -

These photos (and all your photos) are absolutely amazing. You Sir. are my Hero.


There’s no need for any words right now… This photographer from the UK depresses me greatly. This is some absolutely spell binding epic work! I pretty much stared at this photo for 15 minutes straight. Be sure to listen to the song as you stare at such greatness: Prepare to be greatly depressed after clicking […]

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Tom C -

Indeed a great shot, the composition is just wonderful. The photographer has perfectly captured the fascination the child has with the Muira, only guessing here but I’m sure he stood there looking long after the picture was taken ;)

evan -


hoji -

Wow! Alone that shot would be pretty cool, but the track from Gorecki just lifts this visual experience to a whole another level.

Truly epic.

grady -

your song depresses me

Linhbergh -

It actually is really depressing. But despite the context of what the singer is singing, it’s massively epic.

“A solo soprano sings a different Polish text in each of the three movements. The first is a 15th-century Polish lament of Mary, mother of Jesus, the second a message written on the wall of a Gestapo cell during World War II, and the third a Silesian folk song of mother searching for son killed in the Silesian uprisings.[2] The first and third movements are written from the perspective of a parent who has lost a child, and the second movement from that of a child separated from a parent. The dominant themes of the symphony are motherhood and separation through war.”

Joe M -

Wow, simply incredible.
I checked out his site…now my life officially sucks, lol.

Linhbergh -

Man, I feel the exact same way! That site depresses me like no other…. I should just sell my camera gear and give up!!

youyouk -

what an amazing shot… really nice.

rice-life // the showcasing of such epic ricing history

Here’s a very impromptu shoot of the Paul’s Miata that is making ricing history (which I blogged about previously here). Earlier today, I was looking at old shots of his car back when it had 15×8 +0 Work Equip 01s. The wheel size that made ricing history a few years ago, now looks completely weak […]

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Dewran -

dammmn looks f*cking good

Ian -

Man that looks amazing. I really like the feel of those shots too! They have a mellow nostalgic feel to them almost. I love the 3rd one down!

Joe -

Damn! Epic fitment fo sho! Roadster looks great!
As for the photos, they def. have kind of an old family photo album feel to them. Loving the fourth shot down and the overhead shot. The cool color tones def. give it an interesting feel too.

Chris -

I’ve always liked the sunstrike, white toned style you put on a lot of your photos. I think it’s quite unique and you should keep rolling it. The 7th photo did it for me, mostly because of the composition but I like the lack of colour in it too.

Freddy! -

RICE is NICE..Pics are awesome!

hachirokuGTV -

Hot damn!! The pictures are brilliant! Best rice ive tasted. Now, what are those offsets?

Haig -

KINOD Fitment: Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way.

pholife -

DUMA APPROVED! 5 cups of Lees ice coffee!

Cane -

Damn , i love the rims and the rest !!! got a garage vary lip myself , but i`m just riding on 7X15″ ATS cup rims . i wish in germany we could build our cars like you in the states , but we have the fuc… tüv !!! :(

my next miata will be a white one , too !!!

Ricers 4 Live !!!!!!!

BigJames -

Rarely is the word epic used in the correct context. This is one of the few times that I will agree that something is EPIC! Sweet roadster and those wheels are just plain awesome… I need them in my life right now!

Dan -

Car looks absolutly sick from the side! However, I would change your wording as these things don’t fit “UNDER” the car. You can everyone else can see they stick out an 1″ and have 205 tires on them to clear and thats the only reason why. I’m not trying to down the setup cause I like it but WTF…

BGPunk2001 -

Well at least you embrace the fact that you have no taste and don’t mind a fucked up suspension geometry.

RICE FO LYFE…. errr something. :-(

Mike -

EPIC? Epic fail. That looks horrible and I bet it functions even worse.

sean jay -

^both you fags just mad cuz we stylin on you

BGPunk2001 -

Yeah, sean, i maaaad pissed that you have ugly broke ass cars. LOL

I love it when someone makes a bad remark about someone’s car, and someone else’s best retort is that we are clearly jealous of what an awesome vehicle you have created. Yes, you clearly know me enough that you can deduce whether or not I am jealous of your car from a single sentence. Good job brotato.

sean jay -

thank you, i accept your jealousy, broslice.

zin -

Quick, kill it with fire.

Why take a decent handling miata and fuck all that up?

Phatmiata -

just stumbled on here to see what the SoCal guys are doing, Great pics, i guess that calender pics was kinda old with the 01’s LOL. Still looks crazy mad, love it! Keep it up guys!! Phatty

Eric -

In the process of copy-cating this exact epicness in ohio ……….totally inspired right now fu*king perfect