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digital vs. film part 2

Here’s the second and final part of this digital vs. film series. Here we have the shoot from the previous post, but this time in digital with a bit of post-processing. Instantly, you can tell the difference. Maybe because of the post-processing. Or maybe because there’s no actual intangible something (pixey dust? lolol) that is […]

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StephenHJ -

I just have to ask the following questions after flipping back & forth between the two sets of images…

The film shots are, I’m assuming, fixed at a specific ISO. Did you set the digital camera to the same ISO to make the comparison shots?

Lighting – which set of shots was taken first? It looked like the film shots were taken later, with different exposure settings, and a fixed ISO making all the images darker and warmer in the color spectrum.

You mention post processing, what was changed in post? That alone will make a huge difference in what you see.

The comparison you are making here just really doesn’t work, as you are taking one set of images as straight captures, and another set gets post processing. There really isn’t any pixie dust involved…

Set two cameras up the same… one using film, the other digital, with the same ISO, lens, shutter speeds, apertures, etc. and then take the same pictures back to back and make the comparison – no post processing. That’s the only fair way to make an assessment.

StephenHJ -

PS. I really enjoyed browsing your shots, very nice imagery, didn’t mean to rain all over your post… sorry if I came down to hard.

Linhbergh -

Stephen, it’s comments like yours that I take in with open arms. Those are the comments that I really look forward to. Compliments are great, but its the constructive criticism that helps artists grow.

But in response to your comments: I did not take any controlled scientific approach to my digital vs film as you’ve mentioned. What I’ve garnered from this was that the magic of film is so intangible that the cleanness of a digital shot cannot be matched. It’s just the gut feeling you get when you look at something that was shot from a film camera and another when shot from a digital. Your compare and contrast method is perfect, I really should have done that but I did not think about this until after the fact!

Lighting – the digital and the film shots were intertwined at the throughout the shoot. But the last few shots from the film was when the shoot was over and the sunlight was just about to peak away.

Post-Processing – My post work was the usual – color recorrection if any, SOME airbrushing, and some glow added to it.

Camera setups – Canon EOS 5DMKII and Canon EOS A2. The film I used was a roll of expired Kodak Gold 200, and I believe the digital were shot at the same ISO. EXIF data could prove me wrong though. I shot with a 50mm f1.2 and 24-70- f2.8 and both with shot with wide open aperture the whole shoot. Shutter speed varied as I was shooting in aperature priority with exposure compensation on the 5DMKII and completely manual on the A2.

I would love to do a real digital vs. film comparison sometime soon, but time now is so precious. And even though the digital shots are moderately post-processed and the film being straight out of the camera, it’s at gut feeling that I’m talking about –that feeling that can’t be described. You know what I mean?

Thanks again for your comments, and don’t apologize for coming down so hard. I welcome it, and I need it! :)

rice-life // ricing history has been made

Those of you that know me as a car-guy know me as a complete and utter ricer. If it ain’t slammed, it ain’t that dope! Rice-life was lived pretty hard with Paul owning up the Roadster world by getting these amazing Work Equip 03s in 15×10 with an insane offset with a 205/45/15 Toyo T1R […]

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Raven -

dude. whhhhhhhhhat the fucck!?

Garrett -

Oh god it clears so good!

This is a beautiful moment in history :’)

jose -

this is too much for me to handle.

Dax -

Lol they had to use a Cheetah? Fail. Nice shots Linh, can’t wait to see the car with all 4 wheels on.

Robert -

Your photography is fantastic as always. Very inspirational for an amateur like me. haha

Will -

could be lower, hah

Ham -

Those JDM shoes finally came from the cargo container huh? Dope!

Dewran -

OMG… thats hottt

Haig -

The bar has been raised.

sean jay -

i like how im the one putting the wheel on lolol


You’re all a bunch of god damn ricers. This is fucking amazing.

roadsterdave -

These pics will be in history books in 20 years

rice-life // ricing history continues at this is linhbergh -

[…] shoot of the Paul’s Miata that is making ricing history (which I blogged about previously here). Earlier today, I was looking at old shots of his car back when it had 15×8 +0 Work Equip […]

Jerron -

Hell those are freaking sexy

Don Nguyen -

simply amazing

None Of your concern -

WTF??? What is the point of this? I mean its gonna throw the bead as soon as it turns


^ Yo dawg, who cares?? Even if he did throw a bead while turning onto the freeway or making a quick move while merging, he’d still be mad stylin’. Even as he lost control of his car and slammed into the minivan with the family in it and killed them. His sweet ass tires would look so sick while his car was sitting in the junk yard being investigated by the insurance companies to find Fault for the collision. He’d be hellaflush tyte muggin’ when get got the phone call from his insurance company letting him know that the other people’s insurance is perusing legal action finding him to say he was at fault for the accident due to changes to the suspension of the car and making it unsafe. And he’s STILL look hella sweet when his insurance company also informs him that his umbrella policy has exceeded coverage due to the lawsuit and he’s in court for the additional $650,000.00 worth of damages from the family of the victims. Word.


sean jay -

^still worth it

rice-life // the showcasing of such epic ricing history at LINHBERGH -

[…] shoot of the Paul’s Miata that is making ricing history (which I blogged about previously here). Earlier today, I was looking at old shots of his car back when it had 15×8 +0 Work Equip […]

CASTRO35Minerva -

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saw this camo’d car today, what is it??

Totally looks Korean.

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djsqiigles -

all I know is they freaked the fuck out when I screamed AUTOBLOG!!!!!!!!!!! and you started shooting hahahahah

Clint Davis -

well we can be certain it’s NOT a pontiac

Matt -

Its probably that new toyota SUV thing, the Avenza? Its a POS.

Could also be the new Kia fatty though.

lexusisforlovers -


1. That looks nothing like a Venza
2. The Venza has been in production since last fall
3. Why would you ever say that it is a POS? Have you driven one? Do you know anything about them? Or, do you just disagree with the styling?

Just wondering.

digital vs. film part 1

Like I said in my previous post, I had the opportunity to shoot both my digital camera and my film camera. Here are some faves from the roll that I shot that day. And I have to confess, I’ve been using my film camera more than I have my 5D! I hope my 5D is […]

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Chris -

Loving these photos, what are you using to pixelate your negatives?

digital vs. film part 2 at this is linhbergh -

[…] the second and final part of this digital vs. film series. Here we have the shoot from the previous post, but this time in digital with a bit of […]

Linhbergh -

Chris: Pretty easy actually. When I go to the photo developer to get the film developed, I just ask for a CD of the images as well. :)

Will Roegge -

Amazing! I love the colors, grain, softness, and organic feel of all of these images. They’re really inspiring shots. The bokeh has a pastel feeling which is really beautiful. Its so smooth. Really solid stuff.

digital vs. film part 2 at LINHBERGH -

[…] the second and final part of this digital vs. film series. Here we have the shoot from the previous post, but this time in digital with a bit of […]

kodak gold 200 expired

I had a fantastic photo session with Thuy Ho at an equally fantastic park in Huntington Beach. I shot both digital and film. Here’s an one of my favorites from the roll of film: Did I mention that I love film? It’s magical.

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new weapon aquired!

A Kodak FunSaver disposable camera with 800 speed film! It says on the box that it’s good for both indoors and outdoors. Amazing… This war is escalating.

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kenchi -

can’t wait to see what deviousness comes from this little box.

the transcontinental 35mm film battle: round 2

I have officially fallen in love with film… There’s magic embedded within this old and almost forgotten medium. I recognize the magic, and I respect it. I am absolutely humbled.

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grady -

My shirt is pretty awesome haha

Krystal -

great outcome! the first picture is really nice. so clear that you can see my eyelashes! haha (:

Liem -

That is very nice, classic things have that something that’s awesome in an indescribable way.

sean jay -

grady’s shirt rules

i2aven -

dude. you got fucking talent my brother

Ham -

Lihn this shizz is amazing! In the last pic it looks like a third of Sean’s face is burned off haha. So cool.

the transcontinental film battle is on!! round 1

If you’ve been keeping up with my tweets with my twitter, then you probably know that I just recently picked up a Canon 5DMK2. But even more recently, I picked up a Canon EOS A2 35mm film camera. So here is the first few shots from the first roll of film. I started my photography […]

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The Gruvster -

I really like the look of film cameras. My first photograph that I took was on my father’s really old Pentax. Maybe I will take a photo of the Pentax with my Canon EOS xsi. Nice shots though.

Ham -

I see a mexican!