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We are not living…

You know you’re not living your life to the fullest because you’re not driving this car around: I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this video in the past few weeks I’ve found it. It almost depresses me that I will never (realistically) be able to drive such a machine… Ugh, how I wish […]

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Mark Pakula -

nice, but give it 5 years and that car will be worth like $10k over there.

Dolanmin -

It’s a super nice VIP style ride… btw, it’s all about satisfaction, not how much it will worth after 5 yrs… :-)


Nice post

hojitsu -

You gotta admire how amazingly absurd that height and offset is! I wonder how comfortable it would be?

Very flippin cool! :D

P.S. Love the Mafia-esque theme music!

Speedhunter’d up… yet again!

I had amazing opportunity to write a guest article for Speedhunters’ Mazda month. Check it out and let me know what you guys think: Thank you Rod Chong, from Speedhunters, for this amazing opportunity!

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hojitsu -


Absolutely loved your write up for speedhunters! You have a very compelling writing style. Greate work!

I had to share it with my mates so I’ve done a quick post on your write up on my blog as well ( Hope you don’t mind!

Looking forward to more of your work dude!


Clint Davis -

I think i still love the more “old school” VIP cars, ie Kill Bill Vol. 1

Clint Davis -

oh whoops, that was meant for the benz post lol

Stephanie & Ian

A couple of weeks ago, Jesse and I had the opportunity of shooting Stephanie and Ian. Congratulations to the both of you! You can view more here. or more after the jump:

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djsqiigles -


Can’t believe you had them do a middle of the street pic. You fucker lol

Mark Pakula -

fantastic photos mate, you really have a talent.

Clint Davis -

i’m blown away, the main picture is amazing! Not sure how the road picture fits in with the wedding theme, but on it’s on it’s really cool.

Matthew Mead -

There amazing man. i luv the first one with the sunlight shinning through… you have mastered that look

take it easy mate

John Batte -

That first picture is AMAZING!

New Years in Little Saigon

Before I say anything else, let wish those of you, that do celebrate, a happy lunar new year! Here are a few shots from the New Years festival that went on in Little Saigon (Westminster, California). This time of year is amazingly festive for Vietnamese people, and I think it’s even more festive than Christmas. […]

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turismo -

nice captures~ what kind of touch up/post do you normally do?

dzuy_h -

It’s really nice man. Through ur viewfinder I can feel amazing festival of Vietnamese on the other half of the earth. I’m from Vietnam, u’re too? ;-) Thanks for sharing those pics. kept up the good works.

Jalopnik’d and by popular demand, Vader wallpaper!

The last 24 hours, I’ve witnessed first hand, the power and speed of the internet. I am at awe. My inbox and comments have been flooded with requests for a higher resolution wallpaper sized version of Vader and his Atom. So, everyone, click on the Jalopnik image below to get your 1920×1200 wallpaper! This Darth […]

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turismo -

yes, this is fantastic. and thanks for the bigger image!

magdy -

ahaha great work nicely done keep it up wish to see more stuff like this

Suffian -

That’s really cool. Thanks for making me smile on a Monday morning.

darth vader likes to have weekends too…

Even Sith Lords need to take a break from the sterile, shiny, dark spaceships. I’m sure Force chokes lose their bossly perks when you’re doing it from 9 to 5, and 5 days a week.

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Andrew -

Awesome. Great shot!

Grinder -

May the force be with you….

Batou -

haha, I love this shot, Linh!

ngoc -

cute! :]

Mark Pakula -

top work, i reckon your hits will go through the roof with this one.

Sweetlou -

haha i love it, no blur, no nothin. once again, love it

Jalopnik -

Darth Vader Trades In Star Destroyer For Ariel Atom [Caption This] …

Not one to let a Lotus-driving storm trooper have all the fun, Darth Vader has upped the ante by hopping…

Kevan -

Great shot and great concept. Any chance on getting high-res photos for wallpapers (croppable to 1920×1200)?

Dan -

yeah, wallpaper goodness.

Ellis -

I came here to ask about wallpaper too. This is amazing.

Jay -

Also looking for a wallpaper-sized copy. Absolutely amazing!

O.W. Kenobi -

This is not the Ariel driving Sith Lord you are looking for….

Cease all discussion lest the ferocious, disgusting, gutwrenching, morale destroying powers of Gee Lucas come to this system and destroy us all!

Save yourselves!

James -

Wallpaper size PLEASE!!! 1920×1080

Russ -

That is just hilarious, and the car is sweet.

Clint Davis -

ok that’s amazing

Lord Vader -

I demand a high-res picture of this imposter !!!!
My personal desktop is 1680×1050… That should suffice for now.

luigi d'baggio -

Thanks! i love the wallpaper!


chudez -

very cool. now if only he let his cape fly in the wind …

i wonder what obi-wan drives?

Ascariz -

I want one of these ….

adam -

All too easy!

brycav -

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks.

Greg -

One word: Awesome!

wouter -

He has altered the speedlimit
pray he does not alter it anny further

Great shot, absoluty fantastic

Joe Shadow -

Great Shot. This is a real Vader mobil. May the Force be with you.

Buko -

ode to contamination?…:S

Jefferey Bakey -

Thanks for posting this. Where the thanks button:)

Darth Vader -

I know I shouldn’t laugh but that was funny. Let the wars begin, I’m running for president in 2012 HA

Import Tuner March 2009 out in stores now!

Rather than buying the magazine to support me and my photography, buy this mag to support the magazine. It’s times like these where these magazines need us must! Buy a magazine you read at a bookstore next time rather than sitting down at the store itself and reading it. Magazines are much more rewarding when […]

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Luke Munnell -

…And you’ll be in the Apr issue of Import Tuner, too :-)

Thanks again!

jbguillo -

Thanks linh!

Clint Davis -

dammit luke! when are we going to give this kid a feature!

peter li’s roadster –for the third time!

Finally, I got the chance to shoot Peter’s car with a proper shoot with proper lighting. This is a car that I’ve been dying to shoot, even though I’ve shot it twice before. Peter also just recently had the fortunate luck of getting his car shot for a Speedhunters feature from Antonio Alvendia. You can […]

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Jeroen Willemsen -

Amazing photography Linhberg, you shot this with the Nikon?

Jeroen Willemsen -

Oh btw third pic is my favorite

Linhbergh -

Thanks Jeroen! Yeah, I did shoot these with my Nikon D80. The 5D was my brothers… I wish I actually had it :(

And the third photo is also my favorite. I love the mood and feel of it!

kenny -

i wet myself… for the third time.

Butze -

…very nice pics, greetings from germany, ..Butze

rob -

Sorry man I accidentally marked your comment as spam so it’s gone lol

but really, not problem man. Keep up the good work, I always look forward to new stuff.

And if your ever in Japan, we shall shoot the 15 ;)

sir. sqiigs -

The Godfather.

jeff -

very interesting shots. the last is inspired.

Omar -

Im becoming a fan!