Monthly Archives: October 2008


This is the view I see when I’m on lunch –and it’s wonderfully beautiful. For one hour everyday, this is my little slice of nature in the concrete jungle that is Orange County. And when I get out of work, the colors of the same view are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Click the jump to […]

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sean jay -

enjoy it while you can; Irvine company will build townhouses, a vons, chipotle, starbucks, tillys and jamba juice there by next tuesday

the 2008 japanese classic car show

Here’s my snaps from this weekend at JCCS. I tried my best to make boring car show photos into something aesthetically pleasing –I think I did okay there :p The Japanese Classic Car Show is my personal favorite “import” show in Southern California. Nisei Import Show Off is cool too, but nothing says style, passion, […]

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Jesse -

Quite lovely.

tim -

datsun 510 model!!!

roger & serah

Most carefree, fun, and cutest couple ever.

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alex -

digging the snaps.
they look so natural. fresh.

hollywood hills

Jesse and I had the opportunity to shoot a house party in Hollywood Hills. I rather dislike party and clubbing photos so we did the best we could to glamorize an event that is far from glamorous –Kinod style! You can see Jesse’s photos from the party here. His are better than mine, I can’t […]

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the party is just getting started!

It’s rather strange to see that the leaves are a white and the bottom of the plant is green. Usually the other way around is it not? Either way, it seems to be a happy lemon plant.

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Jesse -

This party is POPPIN’ !

Alex -

you norcal hippies and your plants.