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it really doesn’t get any better than this…

I want an one badly. 16v VW MK1 Rabbit – Audrey – Weber Carbs – Revving from Middle Path Productions on Vimeo. MK1 and MK2 16v VWs scream by the city of Minneapolis from Middle Path Productions on Vimeo.

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autox @ california speedway

Some photos from last weekend’s autox, I was trying out a couple of shots with 1/30 shutter speed which turned out pretty decent. I need to break out the tripod next time around and an even slower shutter speed….

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chean -

Wow@Emilios car. I want cheater wheels and tires :p
Great pics as usual

Matthew Mead -

Nice work dude, remember not to abuse the slow shutter shots :P i know u were just practicing but remember to mix it up :)

and monopods are for girls :P handheld ftw

hoever i may change this when i use my new 70-200 f2.8 at the next track day

Olli -

Great Pics!

it’s a lemon party!

My chive growing kit became boring, so I planted in a lemon seed in the pot instead from, well, lemons, in the backyard. It’s much more exciting than some leafless chives.

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KINOD had the wonderful pleasure of shooting this gem of a girl. She is the bubbliest, energetic, ball of human that I know of! Her charm is completely irresistible. Also, her birthday is this coming Friday, so happy birthday to you, girl. I hope you have a good one!

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paul’s roadster

It felt good shooting and editing something automotive again. Here’s a couple shots of Paul’s miata which is not that dope anymore (sorry Paul, but that’s the truth!). But still looks pretty decent…

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Rob -


we are all about PROgression here

not REgression!

sqiigs -

LOL Dope shots. But thats car has gotten ugly…

Ham -


Where is the bad ass hardtop and wheels? Boo.

garrett -

hardtop is still there, but where are the wheels indeed! I was hoping for the 02s and maybe some small flares. I’m diggin it, still looks bomb, just not super stunna style

djsqiigles -

who cares!!!!!!!!!

garrett -

If your car doesn’t blow my mind in 24 hours I will kill you paul! I’ll do it!!!11!