Monthly Archives: July 2008

Peter’s Roadster –rigged –again!

Here’s revision 2 of the rig. Came out sharper than the last photo, but still there is some vibration that needs to be ironed out… :p Photos of the actual rig after the jump.

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cal_gecko -

I love how you ‘fixed’ the dent in the left quarterpanel!! nice job on the photos as usual.. and I appreciate you posting the before and after pics.. would love to see more!


Stop engine!!! Set up long time exposure and just push a car. Push! Your picture should be brilliant, but use clamp’s on suction cup’s not tape.

a dope lan evo

My cousin modified this $0.99 Rite Aid toy with some dope wheels from Japan. It looks so sick! I only wish real Evo owners did this to their actual cars…

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the woolery and the pitcrew

This is Dave Woolery’s Mazda Miata with Pitcrew Racing front end conversion. He has done such a different approach to the Miata exterior than from the norm, and it looks absolutely fantastic!

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jenny & edmund — set 1

We, at KINOD Photography, had the privilege of shooting these two smokin’ looking people. I hope you enjoy this first set. I’ll have another blog post soon (tomorrow) with the second set (with different outfits and mood), which, I think, is my best set of the two. Models: Jenny, Edmund Hair & Make up: Connie

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