Monthly Archives: June 2008

a bunch of kids…

I think in every photoblog’s life, there comes a time when the blogger posts some photos of their kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, little cousins, etc. And the time has come for this little start-up blog to follow that timeline. Here are photos from a Sunday, two weekends ago, in San Jose. Sorry readers, it just […]

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Jesse -

Crisp pictures and the panning shots look way good. That boy knows how to eat!


Headed out to Hogue Barmicheals to watch Paul’s band play. Great show! I apologize to Forsuna for not taking pictures of the bassist, the lighting was horrid for him! I hope you guys enjoy the photos

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djsqiigles -

wow lihn thank you for taking these pictures they are amazing! KINOD photographry always for the win.


The single most frequent complaint I have, as a photographer, is the complaint, that as I am shooting a person, then them saying they’re ugly. And I think my job as a photographer is to show that person, and others, that they’re beautiful even when they think they aren’t at their best. Here is a […]

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Jesse -

Best post ever.

Kevin -

That’s pretty deep man.
I agree this pic is worth it.


Here are the rest of the photos from my little cousin’s graduation. I can’t believe she’s graduated. It makes me feel so old! Let me know what you guys think of my shots lately! I have a queue of images to edit from this past weekend, so keep an eye out for those updates.

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vw classic

Here are photos from this past Sunday. I missed this event last year so I just had to go this year. Seeing all these Volkswagons makes me want to get one of my own… Does anyone have an MK1 Rabbit diesel for sale?

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Pete Li -

oh my… those people truly live the life. Dope pics!