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Lake Tahoe with a Canon 5D Mark II

Is it too late to ask Santa for a Canon 5D Mark II? I want it –badly. Sorry Nikon, but your latest line up of DLSRs have been nothing short of disappointing, you guys basically handed 2009 to Canon. I had the opportunity to play with my brother’s 5D this weekend. Most of my shooting […]

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planetMitch -

Awesome images! We’ve added this to the 5D wiki at We’ve got more 5D reviews/still/video samples than anywhere else on the planet.

Matthew Mead -

Wow dude, how good are the 5d mk2, i shot some film on a rented one and took a few shots with it. I know that feeling about how its all the camera and nothing you. I took about 20 shots then gave it back as i would of bought one by now. Nikon is still better but, D3 shits on the 1d mk3, d300 shits on the 40/50d, D90 shits on a 450d. Remember im a Canon man aswell… its a cycle but your lenses keep you sticking to a brand. Have a good new years champ


Matt Mead

sean jay -

amazing shots linh- speechless as always. happy new year :)

Jazzy -

Funny thing is that I was at that exact spot. But, I didn’t take pictures as great as yours. Would you mind if I borrow that 50mm?

Jazzy -

So these pictures just came straight out of the camera? No post-production or anything?

a weekend away from the internet

I am one of the few people I know that cannot live without the internet. I spent my weekend in a cabin up at Big Bear Lake. It did not have one of the two necessities of Linhbergh; 1.) no wifi, and 2.) no cellphone signal, which means no 3G internet on my iPhone. Even […]

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optikal. -

I know that feeling, being disconnected. It’s almost strong enough to make one lose sleep at night!

I have a question- how do you expose for that awesome glow while shooting into the sun? Especially without flares!

Is this a post-process technique mostly? or are you shooting without the UV filter? Such nice shots.

import tuner’d!

I’m going to have a shot of printed on the March 2009 issue of Import Tuner! This will be the first motorsport or car related photo that I’ve taken to be printed. So come late February, buy this issue and also support print media. Don’t just glace at the magazine at your local bookstore or […]

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Clint Davis -

much more ink in the future has your name on it! congrats

grady -

i like how the camera is a canon =)

the biblical beauty that is this aston martin

I left a note and business card on a random white Aston Martin V8 Vantage a couple of months back asking if I would be so privileged as to shoot the car. A few weeks passed and no word. I pretty much gave up hope on getting a response. But as you can see here […]

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jbguillo -

ughhhhh, a dream of mine. Beautiful shots!

optikal. -

Really awesome job on these shots.. they’re so pristine and elegant.
My favorite is the third from last; the profile of the front clip facing the garage door…incredible.

i2aven -

Truely beautiful..


That was my commute this morning. It was wet, windy and I couldn’t see a goddamn thing out of my windshield. And even after living in Southern California for almost 5 years now, I’m still not used to the weather here. The weather isn’t bad here, it’s more like it’s always the so good! It […]

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As of late…

My dreams have always been vivid. Since I started remembering them, they’ve been extremely colorful (when the mood and dream’s theme permitted), tastefully designed, and always epic with an almost David Lean-like with a pinch of Micheal Bay feel to them. But lately, I’ve been noticing that my dreams have more and more had the […]

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