Recent Work: Tesla Motors


If there’s one thing the Jetsons got right, it’s the sound of the future –the sound of what the automobiles of that distant present will sound like to be exact. I’m talking about that gentle, soft whurr of an electric engine. And the geniuses over at Tesla Motors got it right and brought the future of the Jetsons to the present of today.

LINHBERGH_Tesla-11Outside of Bitcoin, the hottest thing, in 2013, for both tech and  automotive, was the topic of Tesla Motors, and their ground breaking Model S electric sedan. And late spring of last year, I was lucky enough to be able to work with Tesla.

LINHBERGH_TeslaStore-02I’ve been holding off on posting up all the images I’ve shot and worked on as I was waiting for the company to slowly trickle them out to the public. It wasn’t until the Holiday season that I started seeing my work on the walls of Tesla’s retail stores.

LINHBERGH_TeslaStore-01This particular image of the white Model S was one of the first of my photos to be released. Made me feel like a proud father seeing these for the first time in person!

The images below are some of the other images from my project with Telsa Motors. Enjoy!


Project: Photography assets for Tesla website/social media and in store displays

Role: Principle still photographer

Clint Davis -

“Oh you’re a photographer? That’s cool… so is my (insert family member).
What do you shoot? For who?? TESLA!?!”

Ben Sassani -

Every time I see a Tesla ad, I always think “Yup, I know the guy that shot those pics!”. Very nice!

Ginash Jdmc -

amazing interior shots

Terry Pham -

Always inspired!

TESLA everything -

Thank you for the opportunity to share your story! Absolutely fantastic work Linhbergh!

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Sony a7 impressions

LIN_3298Photography should never be about the numbers. Photography should always be about how it makes you feel.

We live in an age where photography has become about comparing cameras, their sensors and lenses, with charts and graphs. Then proceeding to argue about which one is better. I mean, really, charts and graphs? Keep those Microsoft Office creations in the boardroom and off photography websites!

It’s a sad time for photography. But when you step back to look at how amazing every camera on the market is, you’ll then realize we’re actually in a golden era for digital photography. The full-bodied professional digital SLRs are photo capturing monsters, the smaller entry level DSLRs pack a gigantic punch, the compact mirror-less cameras are phenomenal in every way, and the cameras on our cell phones have become better than consumer point and shoots! No matter how you look at it, if you wanted to be a photographer, now is the time to do it. And you can do it on the cheap and still be able to capture sensational photos!

Since the invention of the digital camera, the dream was to have a full-frame 35mm sensor packed into a small and compact body. And now, that dream is now a reality thanks to Sony and their new a7.LIN_2967I’ll be the first to freely admit that using a DSLR camera is not fun. The act and creation of photography itself is fun. But the cold black mass we call the DSLR is not. There is none of that jinba ittai (“horse and rider as one”) feeling. There is a detached feeling when using those black behemoths. It is more of a tool than it is a paint brush.

The a7 changes that. More »

Clint Davis -

These. Are. Gorgeous. Rise of the Sony!

Vojislav Vujanic -

I would agree with you on most of the things you wrote, but the EVF is only good when there is enough light as the light diminishes it slows down its refresh rate and that in my opinion is the biggest drawback (EVF lags), except for the incredibly short life of the battery. Hopefully the vertical grip should allow for a prolonged use, but thats still shy from a dSLRs battery life. All in all I was very suprised with the quality of the A7 and I think it’s a great camera.

Dietter Aragon -

Whoa! Simply put, amazing! A pocketable “Light-Eater”. Nice review. Want.

Ben Sassani -

Awesome writ up. Makes me want one now!

Scott Dreamboat Mitchell -

Getting rather excited now!
Fantastic write up, looking forward to testing out some video.

Diego Torres Tobalina -

Oh boy, my wallet is going to be hurt… Great work, as always!

The PHOTOGRAPHIC/PHOTOSHOP TECHNIQUES for your Roadster thread - Page 263 - -

[…] rather than a huge DSLR. Former CR.netter turned world famous commercial photog Linhbergh put it quite well in his most recent review of the Sony […]

João de Medeiros -

Great article, but you should update it because you forgot to turn “airplane” mode on. Unless your using wi-fi why should you have it off? It let’s you take way more pictures with the A7’s. At least way over +500…even 1000. So battery is not a problem, it’s on par with other mirrorless. Just a tip. Great article! Regards

Keyvan Varashk -

great article!

David Schiffner -

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write this review. It has helped convinced me to sell off my canon camera/lenses to buy an a7 and a few old school manual focus lenses (the focus peaking seems to be awesome). When it comes down to it, you have to enjoy using the gear you have and you’ve helped me realize this is the switch I need to make! Cheers

Tyler Visger -

Well I’ve read this article about 3 times now, and I finally placed my order for an A7. First thing I’ll probably be taking pictures of is the 6D it replaces for eBay. Thank you for your insight Linhbergh.

A great review of the new Sony a7. | WWU Photography -

[…] A great review of the new Sony a7. […]

Christian A. Kemper -

hey, where is your leather strap from? best

Arjoon Manohar Mandrayar -

Linhbergh Nguyen… This is one of the MOST inspiring and aesthetic review/write up for a camera that ive come across recently… Great job.

I’ve been contemplating to shift from canon to Sony a7r, I am an automotive photographer from India…
If its ok i would like to mail you some doubts i have about sony A7r for auto work… Pls let me know if it would be ok,

My photoblog is pls have a look and let me know ur thoughts…

90% of the work were shot on Canon System and the 10% recent work was shot in the Nikon d800e…

Looking forward in hearing from you…

Arjoon Manohar

Ingo Eisen -

Awesome article! Do you use the A7 also for the professional car shots or are you still using the Canon stuff? Are you still happy with the kit after using it for a couple months?

Mikkel Hedegaard Andreasen -

Hi linhbergh, awesome article. Just swapped my A99 system for 1 A7 and 1 A7s for weddings. So far more than happy with the switch. Where did you buy that leather strap it’s about as good looking as it gets ?

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My 2013 Part I: iPhone Photos


With 2013 coming very quickly to a close, I thought it would be a perfect time to look back at my year. This being the first of three retrospectives with a look at my year through the lens of the camera I’ve always had on me: my trusty iPhone 5.

Travel would be the name of the game for my 2013. I started off the year thinking I wouldn’t travel as much as years past, but little did I know that it would be much more.

When I was on the go, I found myself not with my bigger, and clunkier DSLRs, but instead my trusty phone. And I’ve completely fallen in love with how basic and raw cell phone photography can be. The challenge does not lie with whatever settings you can use with your fancy camera bodies, lenses, or lights, but instead, it forces you to focus on the three very important aspects that are available to you: exposure, composition, and use of available light.

All the photos below were also edited on my phone as well. I hope you all enjoy my selection!

Above: Kowloon, Hong Kong, ChinaIMG_5072Torrance, California, USAIMG_5627Vista, California, USAIMG_1724Hong Kong, ChinaIMG_0900Long Beach, California, USAIMG_1035Tokyo, JapanIMG_1036Tokyo, JapanIMG_4110Key West, Florida, USAIMG_1255Hue, VietnamIMG_1387Hoi An, VietnamIMG_1466Hoi An, VietnamIMG_1670Hong Kong, ChinaIMG_1725Hong Kong, ChinaIMG_1920Honoulu, Hawaii, USAIMG_1839Honoulu, Hawaii, USAIMG_2198San Diego, California, USAIMG_2353Los Angeles, California, USAIMG_2642Malibu, California, USAIMG_1801Honoulu, Hawaii, USAProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetFontana, California, USAIMG_3834Both frames: New York, New York, USAIMG_4091Key West, Florida, USAProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetLeft: Versaille, France; Right: Paris, FranceProcessed with VSCOcam with s3 presetVersaille, FranceProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetLeft: San Francisco, California, USA; Right: Kowloon, Hong Kong, ChinaIMG_5194Torrance, California, USAIMG_6549Pikes Peak, Colorado, USAIMG_5904Pikes Peak, Colorado, USAIMG_5699Pikes Peak, Colorado, USAProcessed with VSCOcam with m5 presetPikes Peak, Colorado, USAIMG_5815Manitou Springs, Colorado, USAIMG_7387Saigon, VietnamIMG_7470Halifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaIMG_8047San Francisco, California, USAIMG_7006Vung Tau, VietnamIMG_8283San Diego, California, USAIMG_8705Anaheim, California, USAProcessed with VSCOcam with s6 presetChicago, Illinois, USA; Torrance, California, USAIMG_9566Los Angeles, California, USAProcessed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetSan Diego, California, USAProcessed with VSCOcam with 4 presetSaigon, Vietnam

Zachary Emerick -

Wide angle pikes peak hairpin pan + the barn GTO shot are wonderful! I use an HTC One myself, and am blown away by the quality for what it is. It really was a nice upgrade from my Gnexus.

WeiChek Teoh -

blown away!! you sir are by far my fav light eater!

William WillVision Guillon -

Awesome post my friend. You are helping me not to quit photography by your words and pictures. I won’t give up. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Ben Sassani -

I recognize one of those Los Angeles photos! ;)

Jason Williams -

Absolutely incredible.

StreamPrime Frida -

Wow, great photography! Never entered in my mind that I can use my iphone to capture perfect images. You gave me idea how to use my phone. It always stays in my bag. By the way if you and your fans would like to have a brand new iPhone 5s, just follow the link:

Marius Hesleskaug -

You sir, are a talented photographer!

Kyle Phan -

Man you are such an inspiration, if you can do take and edit better photos with an iPhone than I can with light room and a T2i, I need to rethink my composition, exposure, and editing. Props to you man, you’re one of the greatest.

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Behind the Scenes with Mercedes Benz

Last July, I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a summers day at the beach, in Malibu, California for a photo shoot with Mercedes Benz. Here’s a quick behind the scenes look at that shoot. The resulting images were used as the key image throughout the Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami, which featured the new SL63, Vitamin A Swimwear, and of course, an accompanying swimsuit model.
If there’s one thing I learned about being on production, it’s the fact to LABEL ALL THINGS. I’ve been on a some productions where my lens and body caps have been mixed into other photographer’s or video dude’s stuff. And at the end of the day, we had no idea who’s was who’s. Labeling definitely helps expedite the post-shoot clean up process.

So, PRO-TIP: leave nothing unlabeled.This is the set up of various accessories for the stylist to choose from. I was a big fan of the Tiffany bangle in the right frame, but it was sadly not chosen.The shoot was scheduled for just after lunchtime and into the early afternoon. Our location was a small sandy outcrop at the end of a beachside neighborhood.The white sand really made our lives easy. The sand reflected the high noon light onto the car gave us some great bounce light onto the white SL63. That factor alone made our lighting set up simple.

We basically used a two light system: One Profoto, coupled with a dish, to light the darker side of the car, and the other mounted higher up on a C stand, with a 5′ octabox, to light the model.The best part about the lighting setup was the fact that we barely had to change it as we switched to different shots. This resulted in very little production downtime. And to me, that’s always a good thing –a really good thing.

Here are the resulting images:

Project: Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week Key Images

Role: Principle stills photographer

A special thanks to Tram Tran for assisting the shoot and also providing a few of the behind the scenes photographs.

Clint Davis -


Johan Lee -

Epic shots!

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Sony RX1 vs. The World

I’ve owned my little Sony RX1 for almost a year now, and every time I shoot with it, I am constantly blown away by just how impressive the resulting image quality is. The sharpness and level of detail the camera retains when zoomed in at 100% seems to be so much better than my bigger, more pro bodied DSLRs.

I was talking shop with friends and fellow photographers, Alex Wong, Ron Palarca, and Camden Thrasher about just how good I find the RX1. I kept zooming into images I shot with the camera and kept blowing their minds. And what do a bunch of photographers do with a bit of time to spare? Break out all their cameras and have an RX1 show down.

In our arsenal we had access to a Canon 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 1DS Mark III, Nikon D4, D700, D800, and of course, the Sony RX1. The Canons used the 35mm f1.4, the Nikons used the new Sigma 35 f1.4, and the Sony used its non-removable Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.0.


To keep things somewhat scientific, all the cameras used the exact same settings: 35mm, f2.0, 1/200th shutter, at 400 ISO. We did this test to compare image quality only. Everything else was completely ignored. We also shot fairly wide open because we wanted to see how the lenses on each DSLR stacked up to the Sony’s lens at f2.0 since we were most impressed with how insanely sharp it is when shot completely wide open.

More »

Zachary Emerick -

I am so amped for my Sony A7. Glad you’re digging Sony.

Daniel Mora -

Holy bollocks. O.o
That’s some tremedous image resolving power from that lens and sensor combo…Now I just need Fuji to make an FX sensor for the Xpro2. :D

Trey McGlothin -

Wow I expected more from the Nikon/Canon! Were they all focused to the same spot? Some seem slightly more focused on the blue bag to the left. But that last crop of the RX1. Wow.

Dave Corey -

A nice little comparison, but clearly the D800 wins in sharpness, and of course the Sony is going to be crazy sharp wide open because that lens was designed exclusively to work with that sensor. Take a look at a D800e sample shot and you will be truly blown away.

Sondre Mydland -

Why is the D800 so mutch closer to the bottle than the rest ? If its just croooed closer id say the D800 looks good

Hert Eugene Jr. -

I don’t know what any of this means. Do you give camera lessons?

Javier Del Rosario Gilabert -

The RX1 have more detail because use any postproduction , if you look the general photo, the background is more in focus than any of DSLR images, curious, no?

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2013 PPIHC Test Sessions

Two days on top of one of the most beautiful mountains in the lower 48 states is never enough. This is especially true when trying to get as much photo coverage as possible from the two very short Pikes Peak International Hill Climb test sessions this past weekend. It’s a good thing the actual race weekend is a week long to give both drivers and the media (like me) plenty of time to get acquainted with the mountain and gather up as much media material as possible. Here’s a small selection from this past weekend.

Race week is a week away and I’m already counting down the days. No sleep here we come!

Brenton Ho -

I miss the dirt/dust photos :(

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Me too :(

Linhbergh -

Me too :(

Kenneth Stouffer -

Very nicely done, you. As usual.

Chris Nazarenus -

You have no idea how good the “other” images are – just killed it!! Very happy, all the way around. Nice job @[163392570420655:274:Linhbergh]

Danny Lo -

that first picture is sooooo sick!

Ben Sassani -

dude… NICE!

Allison Kern -

These are awesome. @[502581695:2048:Linhbergh] are you here for race week as well?

Linhbergh Nguyen -

@[709160879:2048:Allison] Yes, I will be there for race week as well! :)

Linhbergh Nguyen -

@[709160879:2048:Allison] Yes, I will be there at race week as well! @[868355505:2048:Chris Nazarenus] Thanks again!!!!

Linhbergh Nguyen -


Clint Davis -

You turn pikes peak into poetry.

Jason Perry -

I miss the dirt. =(

Casey Dhnaram -

it’s actually kind of scary how good you are L.

Peter Pedey Kelly -

Gorgeous photos Linhbergh.

Chris Nicholls -

Superb, man! Just superb!

Matthew Kingery -

I read the title, Pikes Peak Iron Highway Competition. Nice shots @[502581695:2048:Linhbergh]. Especially the one with the light only on the corner of the road. Good work.

LJ Mackie -

You are an amazing photographer, one day I aspire to be taking pictures just like yours.

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks guys!

Linhbergh Nguyen -

Thanks Peter!

Bart Stax -

I want to go to PPIHC once so bad! I think it’s so easy to get good pictures from. However, these are not just good pictures, these are amazing pictures! :o

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recent work: HRE Tesla Model S

Liem Nguyen -

Sweetness, the silent super sedans are definitely in. Do miss the various collector’s classic cars in your portfolio though—not sure your time allows for that anymore.

Daniele Fontanin -

You are the greatest photographer in the world.

Dee Felix -

Absolutely awesome!

Dimitry 'James' Schneider -

Awesome, just awesome…

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Recent Work: PORSCHE driver, Connor De Phillippi

In this day and age with competition at every corner and every facet of life, it’s getting harder and harder to break into what you really want to do in life. This case is even more prevalent with racecar drivers. Sure you can drive a car damn well around a racetrack, but the fact of the matter is that if you don’t stand out, you’re going to be sidelined.

Upon meeting, San Clemente native, and now junior Porsche factory driver, Connor De Phillippi, I got a much different sense. He’s a guy that started from humble beginnings, drives his ass off, worked his way up, and made the right impressions with the right people. On top of that, he’s a down to earth surfer kid with the right attitude and a growing fan base.

Since this shoot, Connor has been shipped off to Germany to participate in the 2013 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland Championship while driving under the flag of the Roboscan Lukas Motorsport/FÖRCH Racing team.

Client: Porsche Club of America/Panorama Magazine

Project: Connor De Phillippi driver introduction

Role: Principle stills photographer

Marc Riesenberg -

How often do you do work for Panorama? Do I need to be checking the photo credits more often?

Linhbergh -

Pretty often these days. At least one feature a month as of late!

Craig De Phillippi -

Nice work Linhbergh! Thanks

Debbie Sigalos De Phillippi -

Great pictures Linhbergh! Thanks for the great article!

Jason Bell -

Linhbergh always does amazing work!

DeAnn Kichline -

Your shots of Connor show amazing artistic skill and a great eye. We are all so proud of Connor and your article captured him well.

LaRey Olson -

GREAT pics, love love the last one!

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